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https://sabotagenovel.com/ apparently someone had the same idea. ( haven’t read it yet )

Looks like it’s gone. Only an article https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/arts/oh-my-god-its-an-homage-a-writer-imagines-the-story-behind-beastie-boys-sabotage-video about it

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I don’t see a single thing about that. Why do you think this was going to happen?

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It seems more likely you progressed to see who he actually is rather than him losing “it”

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I bet a majority has misjudged sitting in the past, why would this even be a lie worth spreading?

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Damn, the lighting in this is impressive

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I am basically a layman, i do music productions and in the past VSTs seemed to never work properly nor the authentication software that some us. Has it gotten better in the past few years, is there a specific one i should try? i have tried Ubuntu but nothing else to be fair. Also if i want to make a plex server on an old PC, what would people recommend? thanks to anyone who responds!

edit - Thanks to all that responded, i have some direction now. Appreciated!

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Trump is the villain in so many kids cartoons in the 90s/early 2000s.

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I would like to see a large scaled research on that statement, like I know women hit puberty sooner but does that really mean mentally they do as well. Is it more of how woman are rear vs men. I do wonder if we thought me about emotions/feelings and teaching them younger how to deal with emotions and to be more if that would even the gap. Does anyone have any good research I could parse?

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