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Supernatural recognition by the Vatican is rare.

Huh? Isn’t the basis of their entire religion dependent on “supernatural recognition”?

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Not yet. I’ll wait 24 hours to allow for timezone differences, then send it to collections.

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Ok, I’ll bite. Give me a window manager that looks like wmx, but with plain text config files like openbox, tiling like dwm, able to be controlled with the keyboard like i3 or openbox.

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It looks like you can read and clone NFC tags with the Flipper Zero, using it as a wallet of sorts for all your cards. But you need the card in the first place to be able to read it.

Still waiting for mine to arrive so I can experiment and confirm.

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Also koalas, red back spiders, blue ring octopus and great white shark.

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Plows into whale and keeps going

Should they have stopped after hitting it? Then what?

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Eat too much chocolate. Drink too much beer.

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Over thirty years ago, I told a friend of a friend “Australians come from Australia, Romanians come from Romania, therefore Canadians come from Canadia”. She’s been calling it “Canadia” for thirty years.

We’ve been together for ten years now, and she’s just found out that it’s not called “Canadia”. Boy am I in trouble.

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I assume they were trouser snakes?

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Food preparation. It’s hard enough to cope at home, with all the textures and smells, but doing it commercially would just overwhelm me.

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When I switch applications on iPad, and switch back to Firefox, it opens a new blank tab every time. But doesn’t happen on iPhone. Settings are the same on both devices.

Has anyone else seen this?

Firefox 123.1

iOS 17.3.1
iPad mini 5
iPhone 13 mini

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[OC] Driveway (
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¿ Kiu renkontiğas kaj parolas ĉi tie ?

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