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Nominative determinism?

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I can relate to this brand of loneliness too easily.

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I think you might be in the wrong thread, buddy.

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Thanks ChatGPT.

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Protesting doesn't have to be civil...

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that was really trivially easy

Israel has allowed suitcases holding millions in Qatari cash to enter Gaza through its crossings since 2018

I'm sure bibi did that out of the spirit of charity.

Look, as far as I can tell, Israel created a monster, then lost control of the monster. The monster has since found other sources of support. In trying to perform ethnic cleansing and forced land transfers over the last 80ish years, they have also been monstrous. There is wicked evil on both sides of this pointless genocidal war. Stop plugging your ears to the parts that make the people you happen to already agree with look bad.

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Oh no. Watch out everyone, this guy's gonna stick to the facts by checks notes plugging his ears and walking away.

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You have a very eclectic taste.

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The quest is for 40. If you find more it won't add anything to the quest reward. The troll won't even notice the extra, it's just a waste of hunger to look for more.

I really liked Barbie, but I didn't see Oppenheimer.

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Has it been a week already? Daggum.

Maybe found a more betterer job than pizza slangin. Tryin not to get my hopes up on that too much, will update if it works out.

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Across the dunes, in the waning light,
The rising moon pours her amber rays,
Through the slumbrous air of the dim, brown night
The pungent smell of the seaweed strays—
From vast and trackless spaces
Where wind and water meet,
White flowers, that rise from the sleepless deep,
Come drifting to my feet.
They flutter the shore in a drowsy tune,
Unfurl their bloom to the lightlorn sky,
Allow a caress to the rising moon,
Then fall to slumber, and fade, and die.

White flowers, a-bloom on the vagrant deep,
Like dreams of love, rising out of sleep,
You are the songs, I dreamt but never sung,
Pale hopes my thoughts alone have known,
Vain words ne’er uttered, though on the tongue,
That winds to the sibilant seas have blown.
In you, I see the everlasting drift of years
That will endure all sorrows, smiles and tears;
For when the bell of time will ring the doom
To all the follies of the human race,
You still will rise in fugitive bloom
And garland the shores of ruined space.

[OC] Timber (
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The prompt was "Trees." If you know how to format line breaks instead of paragraph breaks, please let me know.


I have heard that wood will warm you many times,

When you chop it,

Split it,

Burn it and cook-

I find a standing dead.

It's no good taking the fallen,

The wet gets in so quick around here.

Leave those for the beetles.

Abraham Lincoln said

If he had six hours to fell a tree,

He would spend four

Sharpening his axe.

My father once asked me

"Why not use a chainsaw?"

I could let another man

fuck my wife.

Sweat slick and

Sore muscles

Never felt so good.

Life shorn of its artifice.

[OC] Pro-Choice (
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I wrote a comment recently in response to a senator describing himself as "pro-choice" in defense of his refusing to repeal child marriage statutes. I recognized a poetic rhythm and have adapted it to hopefully fit as a submission here.


Yeah, he's pro choice-

Pro choice like a gunman asking, "which kneecap?"

Pro choice like a lioness stalking a herd of gazelle.

Pro choice like a homeless man can choose a bridge.

Pro choice like deciding between financial and medical ruin.

Pro choice like a rapist asking, "ass or cunt?"

Pro choice like choosing which bill to put off this month.

Pro choice like a backalley crackhead choosing another hit.

Pro choice like forcing a mother to choose between an impossible baby and an illegal abortion.

Yeah. He's pro choice.

Entropic Gravity (
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Maybe gravity is no more fundamental than the force of a stretched elastic band. Maybe gravity is just an entropic byproduct—an emergent effect of the universe’s tendency to disorder.

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In trying to figure out the answer to my homework problem, I came across this volume, which I thought the community might find interesting and/or helpful.

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I've been knocking out the trig problems in this section with minimal difficulty so far, but I've run straight into a brick wall on this "Algebraic" part. I'm asked to find sin(x)=0 between [0,2π). If I graphed the unit circle this would be a trivial exercise to show sin(θ)=0 when θ=0 or π.

Where I have trouble is- I'm very explicitly being told here that the solution is ALGEBRAIC, and I'm struggling to figure out a way to rearrange sin(x)=0 to come up with the known answer. Further, unit circles are not in this chapter, they wouldn't likely ask me to exercise a skill taught in another chapter. What am I missing?

It's not just 31, either. Looking ahead at eg 37, I can easily show sin(-x) = -sin(x) on a unit circle. I could maybe fuck around with inverse trig ratios but those are in section 3- this is only section 1.

Help me out here, drop a hint, share a link: how do I solve sin(x)=0 on [0,2π), but algebraically? I suspect it's something glaringly obvious and/or very very simple I've overlooked.

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I believe I've found a bug. I intermittently go back multiple pages when pressing back button. It frequently happens on youtube, and occasionally happens elsewhere.

In the picture, find my history where I started with the google search for "the chain" (please forgive me for having history from multiple tabs all mixed up). From here I went back and forth with the expected behavior a couple of times looking for the version I remembered. When I found the correct version, I settled in to listen to it in the background for a few songs minutes until it switched to gypsy which wasn't what I wanted to hear. Naturally enough, I went back once- straight from gypsy to the google search, skipping rhiannon and dreams and the chain. This is reflected on the rightclick drop down from the forward button- observe the three intervening pages which are in the history are not in the forward/back list.

In general, I frequently notice this unexpected and unwanted behavior when I go to youtube. I often go to the homepage, select a video, and then try to back to the homepage only to find it take me back to the blank tab, and when I try to forward it takes me to the video without the intervening homepage.

I seem to recall times when I experienced similar behavior, but cannot put a pin in when or where and cannot at this time, despite trying, reproduce it anywhere but youtube. I haven't tried downloading chrome or shudder using edge, mostly because fuck that, but also slightly because I am very lazy.

I also didn't notice this behavior on my laptop which had win10 and firefox (that is, before I switched to linux as a trial over there, but I digress). I tried to search for this error, but google search is terribly corrupt and difficult to get useful results beyond eg song names. I also searched this forum for "back pages" and "back page" and didn't find anything relevant going back a year.

Do I set my computer on fire for its disobedience, or...?

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It's homework help, but I'm not asking for the solution. The problem only asks for cos, sin, tan, cot, csc given sec. I found those pretty quickly on my own, and confirmed solutions with the back of the book.

Where I run into confusion is when I try to find angle theta on my own. Arccos of found cos gives 2.06, arcsin of found sin gives 1.08, and arctan of found tan gives -1.08. Problem givens exclude possibility of the negative angle found by arctan(-15/8), but the other two are possible and conflicting. And why wouldn't they all be the same? I reattempted because there were so many erase marks from trying to figure this out that it was almost illegible.

Am I wrong? Did the book give me a point not on the unit circle or something, assuming I wouldn't try to find theta on my own? Have I used arcfuncs wrong- I checked the domains against the function definitions? Have I found a hole in math?

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The VA has approved me for community care! Instead of a revolving door of unprofessional incompetent clowns who specialize in PTSD, I can select one of the incompetent unprofessional clowns from my community who specialize in BPD!

How should I look for a psychologist? There's like, a lot to choose from here. Most everyone mentions "specialties" like bipolar on their site, in among a bunch of stuff like ptsd and depression and lgbtq issues- Which makes me think they aren't actually specialists, which gives me the impression they'll say just about anything to get me in the door. It's all a bit overwhelming and I basically only have one shot. Once I engage with someone, if they aren't a good fit (my history suggests it will take several sessions before I know if they'll be a good fit, so...) I have to go through the several months approval process for community care again before I can make another selection, assuming I'm approved. How do you weed out assholes, idiots, and the incompetent before you see them?

What treatments have you found to be effective in your therapy?

Also, I'm much better on Lithium than I ever have been, but I'm already coming close to the maximum safe dose- if there is such a thing. The psychiatrist mentioned depakote, but I've tried that before and had severe gastrointestinal problems. Are there any other medications I should be looking out for or asking about here?

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It's been a long time since I've had a good week, but this one was alright. Not amazing or anything, but just... good?

I had only one major episode, it was entirely private, I went into my car to scream for a bit then went in and felt better. The entire rest of the week went... pretty smoothly? I didn't sit inside all day. I got out and did things. When things didn't go exactly how I wanted to, I didn't immediately seethe or mope. Get this: I worked with people, found solutions, and got shit done. I had fun without overdoing it. I was still pretty impulsive with my food spending, and still struggled with cleaning up and cooking for myself. The two are very much correlated, it's a vicious cycle and the target of my next goal for self-improvement.

I started a "mood journal." It's helping. I should have done this years ago. I should have been given Lithium years ago.

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There is no proof that black holes contain singularities when they are generated by real physical bodies. Roger Penrose claimed sixty years ago that trapped surfaces inevitably lead to light rays of finite affine length (FALL’s). Penrose and Stephen Hawking then asserted that these must end in actual singularities. When they could not prove this they decreed it to be self evident. It is shown that there are counterexamples through every point in the Kerr metric. These are asymptotic to at least one event horizon and do not end in singularities.

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It's not too often that a giant of physics threatens to overturn an idea held to be self-evident by generations of physicists. Well, that may be the fate of the famous Penrose Singularity Theorem if we're to believe a recent paper by Roy Kerr. Long story short, the terrible singularity at the heart of the black hole may be no more.

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