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CLEAN OUT YOUR DRYER VENT, ALL THE WAY TO THE OUTSIDE. Will make your dryer run better and keep your house from burning down.

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Pawns, becoming increasingly bored, move to the center of the board for a game of flag football.

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Small suggestion, research drop foot. A small amount of nerve damage can cause the foot to drag a bit and will cause falls and clumsiness.

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Everyone vote for this one, I want to see how it is interpreted.

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White Pawns hold a vote to remove the White king. Black pawns vote in disguise to remove him.

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So, how many years ago did he get rejected by a girl with a heart tattoo on her forearm? 5? 10?

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Pawns begin a line dance to Achy Braky Heart when Billy Ray Cyrus appears on the board.

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Guy goes to see his mom.

Answer - Hades.

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Why are we even pretending the distaff Williamson is even serious?

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They noticed rule (dataterm.digital)
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We noticed.

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Now it's ready.

A Ghost Story. (dataterm.digital)
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90 laurasimonsdaughter Day 24093 This is my house. I won't allow anyone to harm it. There should have been no more intruders after the last one. I do not want these people here. They will leave- Day 24095 They are siblings. They are loud. Always singing and talking and stomping. As if they must be louder than anything else. Day 24106 There are bolts on the door now. Bolts and hideous, gaudy new locks. How dare they- Night 24112 I was going to fill the night with terrors. But he woke up screaming before I began. She came running from the other room. They sleep right across the hall from each other, with the doors on a crack. ...they are young, are they not, to be living on their own. Was I ever so young? Day 24129 She has fixed the squeak in the door at the top of the stairs. It never squeaked when I still lived. Day 24121 The noise of the doorbell scares them. But they get so many deliveries. It is a good bell. It has worked all these years- I can see one of the men coming now with his packages, trudging up to the door. ...perhaps if I knock before he is here, they will come and look before he can sound the bell. Day 24114 He is planting flowers in boxes on my windowsills. I always wished I could have some flowers. Night 24137 She is afraid of the dark. I could see it in her eyes when she got out of bed. ...I lit the lamps for her. Day 24142 They have moved the couch to the sun spot a little to the right of the window. That is where I used to have my armchair. It is the only sensible place for it. Day 24163 Sometimes the noises of the world are suddenly too much for him. He winces and tries not to sway his head. This is my house. ...I can keep it calm and quiet for a while. Day 24178 She just got a phone call and now they are both laughing. Laughter is a good sound, isn't it. They said this house has been good luck... Night 24205 They are singing in our kitchen. He found my cookbook in the gap at the back of the kitchen cabinet and now they are trying to cook. They wanted to start with the soufflé. They don't even know how to make béchamel! I turned the page to the casserole instead. Day 24236 This is my house. These are my boarders. I won't allow anyone to harm them.

Neigh. (dataterm.digital)
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toastpotent comrade-bastard Follow death2america "You are not a horse," the FDA said Time travels to show this screenshot to someone 10 years ago and ask them to figure out what happened 1,791 notes D

Mine too. (dataterm.digital)
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Goalkeeper Sam Bartram, alone on the pitch, not realizing that the game had been abandoned 15 minutes earlier due to heavy fog - 25 dec 1937 thebeesareoutthere my last brain cell

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