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The most obvious one I have experience with is guys refusing to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle because they're so tuff and manly and they "just won't crash".

I wear a helmet because it will protect my beautiful face if I fall off, and because it keeps bugs and birds from hitting the aforementioned rugged bearded handsomeness at high speeds thus preventing some accidents, and because I can have one with a cool design on it.

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Obviously the cops and prosecutors are real shitheads here, but I think some blame goes to a piece of shit principal who woukd call the police on an 11 year old.

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Men, proudly drag that battered and cracked android phone out on the first date, it's a litmus test for shallow people, apparently.

I went on a first date with a girl I met from work. She farted loud enough to be heard over drunken yelling and music in the steakhouse we were in, immediately after saying "I don't get embarassed".

In a couple of weeks, we will have been together for 16 years. We've been married for 14 years. We cook together every evening, we hold each other whenever we are in the same room for more than five minutes, and on the rare nights where we aren't taking each other's clothes off, we fall asleep wrapped around each other. I would have missed out on a perfect relationship if I had judged her for a phone.

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So, the bonus goes to the guy who was playing Factorio when he should have been working?

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It's not finished. It will look like this when they complete it. It's a nature bridge.

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My ten year old kid said "Bring out your dead!" The last time we walked by one of the bell ringers. Im not sure if I should be proud or not.

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I just want to drop in and remind everyone that "conversion therapy" is just a fancy way to say "child torture".

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Human embryos (and probably others) start out female, and grow the male parts a fee weeks later. There is probably someone lurking who can give better details but that's the gist of it. Thats why men have nipples.

New Bike Day (self.motorcycles)
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I bought a 2023 Nightster, and I love it.

I traded an old amd cantankerous DR650 and a nice 750 Street Rod in on this. The SR was starting to need some parts, and it was going to be a long time before I was able to get them. So I had two bikes, one which needed a belt and fork seals (which I couldn't get unless I waited) and another that I could get parts for, but I was constantly having to fix.

Now I have one nice bike I can actually ride. It's smooth, quiet, fast, and reasonably comfortable. I've never had traction control or ABS brakes before, that may take some getting used to. The bike is so effortless to ride. It's nimble, its fairly light for a cruiser. (and it's feather-weight compared to any other harley) The suspension soaks up the bumps, and I've never ridden anything that felt so firmly planted on the road. It has a 975cc engine that sounds nothing like a "typical harley", but it still sounds good. Here's hoping I don't have the only one left four years from now, like what happened to my Street Rod.

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The only dangerous minority is the rich.

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"What's your greatest weakness?"

"Interpreting the semantics of a question but ignoring the pragmatics."

"Could you give me an example?"

"Yes, I could."

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Late last year, I arranged to get a vasectomy because my wife is amazing, and I don't want to put her through a pregnancy in my state. The urologist who performed the surgery said there had been a significant uptick in the amount of vasectomies he had scheduled because of the recent abortion ruling.

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I remember when I first applied for a job in a fabrication/machine shop. One of the questions in the interview was "Do you know how to read a tape measure‽" followed by "demonstrate that you can use a tape measure" along with some other fun ones like "what is the difference between these two pieces of material" (one was aluminum, the other stainless) and other such things. I remember being surprised/disappointed that there were grown people who couldn't read a tape measure.

I've worked in machine shops and drafting offices for years now, and I'm no longer surprised by people who can't use basic measuring tools. Still disappointed though.

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