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It's gotta be something they aren't secretly doing already.

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Summary of the conversation...

You: Where all the Biden primary voters?

Me: It's was the old people who just voted the status quo.

You: Well, they can nominate Biden without my help.

Me: They did, it only took 1/4th of the general turnout to win the primary.

You: Well, I only voted for him in the General.

Me: Slams head on wall...

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Yeah.. why do you think only 1 out of 4 of his General election voters picked him in the primary? You seem a little confused.

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Remember, they don't just think that trump is average, they think he is literally a super genius, which really shows how dumb they are in comparison.

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I saw plenty of Biden yard signs in early 2020 in my area, but most of my family is more progressive than your typical Biden voter.

Younger, less "establishment" voters tend not to vote in the primary anyway.

For reference, Biden got almost 20 million out of 36 million votes in the primary. He got 81 million votes in the general election.

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Yeah... I can denounce nazis while and at the same time denounce what Israel is doing in Gaza with a clear conscience.

I think you are mixing up the Star of David with the Israeli flag, which has the star on it.

Edit: I didn't notice the 2 smaller photos, that shit is unacceptable.

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Jesus can fuck off. I'm in a committed relationship with reality.

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They probably did...

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You could de-nazi it. Use a Dremel/rotary tool to take off all the Nazi shit.

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Scripting menial tasks isn't that hard. You can learn basic shit pretty easy. It's a nice little dopamine hit when you get even something small that works. Make your computer work for you, not against you.

Also, Excel. If you have to use Excel at all in your job, learn the basics of formulas, formatting, and tables. It will take you maybe a day, and your excel shit will look 100x nicer, and work 100x better than whatever the fuck you are doing now.

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Also, people forget that there is a left right axis, and a vertical Authoritarian/Anarchy axis.

Authoritarian thought is not left or right biased.

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