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I think this is the joke ..

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This is just schizophrenia untreated.

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Like for lunch?

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I rarely laugh out loud and my coworkers are suspicious.

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What should be and what is are often different. Which is basically what being working class means.

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No one deserves state execution. No one includes child predators.

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What an absurdly elitist comment.

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The way they use legal words in made up ways is kind of reminiscent of how the book of Mormon tries to sound like the king James Bible but it was 300 years too late

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I tried this it doesn't work :(

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I've had the Google pixel 6 for almost 2 years. Lately it seems like it just breaks everything. It has issues with multiple apps, it doesn't want to connect to WiFi, the list goes on. Everything I Google, it's like yep, me too, known issue. Is this a bad phone? What should I upgrade to?

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For example, in English the word right (opposite of left) and right (privileges, as in human rights) are homonyms. In Spanish, derecho/a also means both of those things. Don't the concepts behind those words predate the cross-pollination of the two languages? Why do they share this homonym quality?

can't see posts at all (self.lemmyconnect)
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Under my profile, it says I have 3 posts. But I can't see them :( reasons why? I'm on Lemmy.world which I know is buggy, but it's been like this for weeks

hide read posts? (self.syncforlemmy)
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In Connect you can hide read posts automatically and scrolling past posts counts as read. Is there an option to auto hide read posts? I hate seeing the same post twice.

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he was dirty

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