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  • Subnautica (original and Sub Zero, plus a nod to Planet Crafter which captures some of that same vibe)
  • Metroid Prime (and all the other Metroids)
  • StarCraft (1 and 2, though fuck Blizzard today)
  • Diablo (2 and 3, though to a lesser extent for 3, and still fuck Blizzard)
  • WoW (I'm done with it now but there was a reason I was addicted for those years, but fuck Blizzard)
  • Oblivion (and Skyrim)
  • Factorio (and Dyson Sphere Project)
  • Beat Saber (and a nod to the rhythm games that predated it, like Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Frequency I believe it was called)
  • Paradox games (HOI4, CK3, Europa (uh current?), Stellaris)
  • Hades

Many others could have been listed here instead. Oxygen not included, smash Bros, DBZ kakarot, xenosaga 2, transport fever, city skylines, risk of Rain 2, King's quest series, civ, Halo, Mario games, Zelda games, Mario Kart, Lego games, Minecraft... And I'm sure I'm missing many more that I have tried and others that I haven't.

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Can't believe I had to read this far down to see the first mention of subnautica.

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It's amusing seeing some of the ones that were only even really plausible (and I use the term loosely) for a brief time hold traction after that time has passed. Like the 5G ones where even if you ignore the whole technical side of it, it was a possibility before it was deployed but now it's out there. If it was turning people into zombies or whatever, it would be doing that right now. Or if not, then what are they waiting for?

Or covid vaccines. Yeah, when they were first being sent out, there were potential unknowns and it was possible that they were RNA coded to do who knows what instead of just giving improved immunity to covid. I have no idea how I'd even check on something like that other than seeing what happens when someone is injected with it. But lots of people were injected with each of the vaccines. And though some issues popped up, I don't think there was an evil plan to give like less than 1 in 100 generally minor and temporary heart issues that the actual virus also gave (but generally worse). But I still see profiles on tinder that say they prefer someone unjabbed. What timeline do they think this conspiracy is operating on? "Get a covid vaccine and you'll likely be dead within 100 years!"

And the funniest (saddest?) part is that there are real conspiracies. Like there's clearly a push to turn the world fascist happening right now as the billionaire class positions itself to control how society transitions into a world where not nearly the same amount of labour is required. There's been a group aiming to suppress information about climate change and our way of life's role in it. Russia and China both aim to no longer be 2nd fiddles to the western world, which itself isn't the benevolent ruler it likes to pretend to be. Science closes in on solving aging but the amount of people who read this message and will have access to it are likely under 1% (unless some kind of eternal servitude setup is developed). Almost everything about our society is set up to funnel wealth to the privileged few and conservatives almost openly sabotage public services whenever they are in power. Police brutality won't get fixed because the ruling class benefits from the enforcer class being hated by the general public--otherwise they might band together and then the rulers would be fucked. Oh, and as much as conservatives like to bitch about immigrants (illegal or not), you never them suggest going after those who employ them unless it's the tech companies who follow the legal route. All the illegal immigration talk isn't about stopping it but about gaining more control over them while continuing to exploit them.

You don't need lizard people or aliens for a good vs evil kind of narrative. Elon Musk being human doesn't make him a good human or anyone's friend.

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Based if the guy in India deliberately accidentally included that bit.

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Yeah, I thought Reddit would be a great data set at first because it comes with quality indicators via up/down votes. But, thinking about it more, a) total number of votes is more of a function of how popular the thread is and that comment's positioning is in that thread, b) comments can get upvoted for accuracy or humour, and in the latter case, many times the humour is specifically about making inaccurate comments. And there's a bias towards funny. My own most upvoted comments were mostly short funny ones while long thoughtful ones wouldn't get that much attention. Not that being long or thoughtful implied anything about correctness, because c) different communities had different biases, and d) it was all populist stuff, so something that sounds good but isn't accurate can outperform something that is accurate but less poetic.

And to drive home how stupid the way we're currently training approaching AI is, it's pretty much the equivalent of sticking a kid in front of an internet browser, taking a little while to teach them how to use the browser, then leaving them on their own while they learn everything else they know, including the languages it's all expressed in.

Instead we have a whole curated education system that takes over a decade. I think AI could reduce that time but it still needs the curation part as well as feedback systems to reinforce correct knowledge and correct bad knowledge.

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Imagine not even noticing repetition being used deliberately...

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And this is probably exactly why they are trying to ban it.

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Yeah, now that I think of it more, I can't see a single good reason for a time traveler to show up at this party. Going back in time to prove the existence of time travel to the past has a very good chance of handing control of time travel away to people who can undo your existence without you ever being aware of it.

Even if you just wanted a conversation with one of the brilliant minds in physics, it would be smarter to pick a random lecture or non-time-travel-themed party.

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I think that one is only appropriate for those who choose to not have a fixed location home. Calling those who are just struggling to survive without a home nomads feels like it dismisses and even romanticizes their struggle.

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Life becomes a hell of a lot easier when you stop worrying about shit like that.

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I had a cat a while back that was in heat when I first got her. She spent pretty much that whole week running from the front to the back of the apartment and back to the front, looking for a male. She was a poor horny cat.

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I think there's a ceiling on that, too. Not saying we're necessarily near that right now, but it's possible to have two robots whose capabilities include maintaining each other. I don't think the list of possible jobs to do (both current and future) is infinite, though it could still be vast, and if technology continues to reduce the number of people needed to do those jobs, eventually we'll get to a point where there's more people wanting jobs than there are jobs available.

Though it is possible that that point is still thousands of years away.

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