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[email protected] discusses this type of issues.

Personally I try to avoid communities if there is an alternative (e.g. I prefer [email protected] to [email protected] ), but that's personal

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Congratulations !

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Feel free to open a merge request

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Thanks, definitely got lucky a few times!

Thank you everyone would participated!

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Feel free I would say!

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Sadly have been told about federation issues, being unable to see [email protected] ( from Lemmy.

I'm able to see it from my instance:[email protected]

I just subscribed to it, I should be able to see your next posts. That's one thing, you need people to subscribe to it for it to be visible on the instance

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That it I gave up.

Sounds reasonable

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Mostly happy about the weekly thread in [email protected]. Hopefully it will bring more people to the communities mentioned there

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completed their move off and is posting regularly.

Great news!

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It seems that there isn't any post on that community, is this correct?

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First time I hear about that society!

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