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I don't know where you found this number, the commercial crew contract was awarded by NASA in September 2014 to SpaceX and Boeing (Boeing getting twice the amount of money than SpaceX). It was expected that two crew capsule would be certified by NASA in 2017.

SpaceX only certified the capsule Crew Dragon with a crewed launch in 2020, so 3 years delay. In the mean time NASA is still waiting for Boeing to do its first crewed Starliner launch.

There is plenty of reason to hate Musk but people at SpaceX did accomplish great things.

Without SpaceX NASA would still be relying on Soyuz to send astronauts to the ISS.

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Falcon 9 is definitely manned.

The capsule Crew dragon, developed by Spacex for NASA, that flies on the Falcon 9 is the currently the only human rated orbital spacecraft in the US

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The Falcon 9 is the safest rocket ever built, source.

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I'm not go worried about the load bit Zhou about vibrations.

Wind turbines vibrate, especially of you install them on turbulent airflow such as just on top of a roof. I would be worried that it would cause some long term damage to the structure.

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If we want to build a stable 100% renewable energy electrical grid we need backup power station for when there is no sun or wind.

Right now coal and gas power stations are mainly used but renewables option are limited.

Hydro can help to an extent but the locations and power output are limited, battery storage help to smooth production but it's not enough for seasonal variation.

Nuclear could work perfectly but I'm losing hope on trying to convince people that a bit of nuclear would help to each a 100% renewable energy grid.

The last option is biomass, it can be vertuous is the wood resource is well managed or terribly damaging for the environment if not.

Do I think biomass power station are needed of we want to transition.

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  • The president going to New Caledonia, it's a glimmer of hope!
  • Why? Is he going by helicopter?
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On the other hand I did took care of a pool for a while, it was in a villa that my in laws owned.

We did a few things that helped lowering the maintenance cost and the pool was pristine.

First thing is a salt chlorinator. It keeps a constant (low) chlorine level so the pool stays clean, there is no more chlorine smell and you only need to top up salt after too much rain.

Then we were using hardware store muriatic acid to bring the pH up and baking soda to control alkalinity. We still went to the pool store to get productd for the calcium hardness and cyanuric acid.

The last thing is a bit more involved but this is what made the biggest difference on the bill is to replace the pump with a DC pump directly connected to refurbished solar panels, no batteries, no inverter. This way when there is a lot of sun the pump is running a lot, a little sun and the pump is running a little.

It's perfect since the amount of algae development is proportional to the amount of sunlight. There is almost no electronic in the system, just a extremely reliable DC pump and solar panels that can last for decades, I found that to be a great low-tech solution.

However we were in a tropical country, I have no idea if this would apply in another climate.

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This was my criteria for buying a house : no pool !

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The warning needs to stay on for two months to keep it relevant.

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Unit price labeling is mandatory in France too. This is the only price I'm looking at when shopping.

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For the first flight Starship left the launch pad, second flight it reached space, third flight it went to orbit (technically not completely) so hopefully for the fourth flight it will manage to reenter.

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A carbon fiber frame on a 30kg fat tire off road ebike ? I might be missing something but this sound like a stupid combination.

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A picture of a 3D printed router guide A 3D Model of a router guide

My router (makita) was supplied with a copying guide but the opening was too small.

I've look online but I could not managed to find the right size so I did what any sane person would do: print one

Edit: more pictures of the result a dinosaur shaped observation tower another picture of the observation tower with a kid standing on it

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So, I had to reinstall windows as a dualboot, because I need some CAD tools for work. It was painful but it's not thebaubject

I'm running nixos with systemd-boot and I installed windows on another drive. I started to research how to add the entry on the boot list so I don't need to go in bios to switch the boot order each time I want to change OS.

Most of the information I find is about grub on nixos but I finally find information on how to add a manual entry. On the Arch wiki I find some information but now I have to blend all that to make it work on my laptop.

It's late and I'm scared to mess up my boot partition so I go to sleep to work instructions on it the next day.

The next day I'm ready to do all that only to realized that there is already the entry for windows is already in the boot menu, it has been added automatically.

So I spent all this time to think about how I while have to adjust my system manually only to realize that nixos already did it automatically for me.

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Ca m'a donné la banane pour la semaine !

Edit : aaaah ! J'ai été trop lent d'une minute.

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To be fair they were also using encrypted messaging to talk to each other like WhatsApp and Signal, they even show their mom how to use it which is extremely suspicious.

“All members of this group were particularly suspicious, only communicating with each other using encrypted applications, in particular Signal, and encrypting their computers and devices […].

The Investigating Judge

https://www.laquadrature.net/en/2023/06/05/criminalization-of-encryption-the-8-december-case/ https://www.laquadrature.net/en/2023/10/06/the-beginning-of-the-8-december-trial-is-also-the-judgement-of-the-right-to-privacy-and-encryption/

when the DGSI [a French security agency charged with counter-espionage, counter-terrorism, countering cybercrime and surveillance of potentially threatening groups] has questioned Bastien about what he thinks of Macron. A photograph on his computer is mentioned, which according to them details the President's security arrangements for the July 14th parade. (...)

The device in question (an aerial photo taken from the press) is highlighted in such a way as to draw a dick. A dick.

The link is made with Bastien's passion for drones. The implication is that he could have used a drone to attack this dick-shaped device using explosives.


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I'm wanted to share with you the blog that my wife is writing, she's writing about parenting and relationships and she's making some amazing articles !

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I believe this is a very good initiative. France is allowing collective self consumption.

It means that in an appartement building or in a neighborhood (up to 2km radius) people can organize in a collective to redistribute electricity to each other. If someone has extra production one day then he can redistribute to other people in the collective. For free or at the price they agreed upon in the collective.

It does not need any extra hardware, it's using the existing installation from the national utility grid.

This is exactly how I imagine a solarpunk community would work.

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