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And by "senior" we mean actually senior. Like, wrinkles, gray hair, liver spots; etc. Of course, if you're that old, you're too old to be a flight attendant, so sorry, you're not hired.

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There's dissent and then there's actively working to make sure liberal democracy devolves into far-right fascism. In a functional democracy, it doesn't matter how many hole-drillers there are. Hell, you can be a hole-driller and it wouldn't make any difference because you will always be outnumbered by the people who are bailing. What we have currently are hole-drillers who are sabotaging the buckets to make sure the bailers can't get enough water out of the boat, as well as drilling holes.

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Exactly. They think being in a resistance is sexy, because they consume media that glorifies it. They dress it up and hide the realities while amplifying the parts that are heroic and good looking, and think that's what being in a resistance is like. Couple that with Main Character Syndrome and you've got a bunch of tankies who think they're going to kick ass at organizing a resistance and all be leaders when in fact most of them are going to do something stupid, get caught by the fascist regime, and die in a camp.

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At least Biden allows the protests to happen. Under Trump, the first protest would be the last as he would immediately mobilize the National Guard and authorize the use of lethal force to suppress it.

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Sure, it sounds good, until they rewrite the definition of "child rape" to be "gender-affirming care" or "hosting a drag queen story hour" or it's not "rape" if a white guy does it.

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This is literally the thieving rich taking what they can before they fuck off to their private islands or bunkers or whatever they have before the whole thing comes tumbling down. Their plan is to wait it out until the poors are dead and then reemerge to reclaim the world and shape it in their image.

Now, I know how crazy that sounds, but they know that things can't keep going like this forever. Something has to give, eventually

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She's a psychologist who works primarily with special education/special needs kids, and believes that a lot of developmental disabilities are the result of vaccinations.

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Can a solar sail propel an object to relativistic speeds? The whole point of space travel is to go to other planets at a speed fast enough that the people going there will not be dead or elderly by the time they reach their destination. The only way to do that is by achieving light speed or damn near it. I do not want to board a solar sail vessel bound for Proxima Centauri b (4.22ly) and be dust by the time I get there.

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Shannon Kroner is a PSYCHOLOGIST. She wrote a book about vaccines, as a psychologist.

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The leafy top is called a haulm and on commercial farms the harvester has a header that removes the haulm before the main part of the harvester scoops up the potatoes. Anyone who's played Farming Simulator is familiar with these machines, such as the Ropa Panther 2.

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My human, you have to know that they submitted this bill knowing full well it hasn't got any chance of being taken seriously on the floor. There's only one reason a lawmaker would even draft a bill like this, and that one reason is to get attention. A shiny bauble to distract us all. Any stage magician can tell you that magic is all about misdirection. If I've got you staring at the card in my left hand, you don't notice the deck in my right hand. So, the thing you should be doing, is asking what they've got hidden up their sleeve.

[-] AutistoMephisto 2 points 1 week ago

Exactly. And he wasn't elected, he was appointed. So, if I were him I'd be like "Yeah, I AM corrupt! Everything you're saying is true! And what the fuck do you think you can do about it?"

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Typically, events such as these are organized by the Koch Family. They handle the nuts-and-bolts and technical end of things. Trump's campaign may have called this meeting, but I guarantee the Kochs will be providing the support.

Don't expect any leaks. They take extreme measures to prevent leaks:

1.) The guest list is kept a closely guarded secret, and has pictures to prevent impostors.

2.) The location where the conference will take place, usually a swanky, secluded resort, is also kept secret, and accepting an invite means you are also sworn to secrecy, as the location will not be told to you until you accept the invitation.

3.) The resort staff is screened and work assignments are changed to be far from the actual events and the rooms of the attendees.

4.) They routinely sweep for bugs and listening devices, and use white noise emitters to throw off parabolics.

5.) Any paper materials, either distributed by the event host or personal notes of the attendees, of the event are confiscated and destroyed.

They basically follow all the same rules that might be in place at a convention for people with TS/SCI clearance and the convention hall is a massive SCIF. But full of people plotting to undermine our democracy.

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They do this all the time. Maybe Biden should call their bluff, execute his powers as Commander in Chief, and order the National Guard in Texas to turn on State Police.

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