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I have some experience in this area. Here is my advice. Get laser for any facial hair. Learn how to do makeup(esp if you are worried about jawline, etc) and dress for your body. Practice yoga and mindfulness. Find a supportive female/trans friend to help you grow and give you criticism on your look.

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I like how when the bounty hunters want to cross state lines to capture pregnant women in blue states, the red states are all in, but now that the blue states have sued the red states to stop polluting, the red states say things have gone too far

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Sounds like something a bot would say

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Fossil fuel companies are to blame for climate change. Inequality is making it worse

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Then run to them CumFart! Run to those traitor Jan 6 protesters that you love so much and tell them how you feel! Give them kisses on their chubby faces and let them suckle from your nipples like a newborn. Remember, you can't be cancelled if everyone loves you!

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It's kinda fun talking to a troll bc they always respond with something stupid whenever you engage. You a good troll CumFart? You love the Jan 6 traitors? Do you want to hug them and give them lots of little troll kisses?

[-] AuroraZzz 16 points 2 weeks ago

Come at me troll bitch

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Lol. The guys that stands up for the traitors on Jan 6 thinks that everyone is getting cancelled. Maybe just have better opinions and people will like you more?

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But they could if more of them put their money into CDs

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