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why does he remove one more period each line

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I'll always be a sucker for the xenoblade chronicles worlds, just because the concept of living on unimaginably massive titans is so incredibly cool. I seriously struggled to enjoy the first one but just looking up and seeing the mechonis on the horizon and knowing that giant was practically a whole other world kept me glued to the game regardless.

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over here writhing & twitching rn

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why did you censor favor lmao

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jacob geller

dan olson


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I don't think so, at least not for everyone. I try to be as authentic to myself as possible, it's just that being around people, even if it is very fun, takes a lot of effort that chilling alone doesn't. This can drain you extremely fast and make you just want some time alone to actually relax.

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I greatly appreciate you posting this. That was extremely impressive and absolutely hilarious!

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Me when the walls seem always in one direction a fraction longer than the eye could endure, and in another direction a fraction less than the barest possible tolerable length

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piss posting

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(they don't know where glue comes from)

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Outer Wilds changed my life then Tunic changed it again

Edit: Game Recommendations by the people in the comments:

And some game recommendations by me to add on to the post:

  • Taiji
    • A 2D puzzle game where you slowly unravel how to solve each different element of the puzzles, eventually culminating in a massive puzzle gauntlet. Basically identical in concept and execution to The Witness, but still very much its own unique and fun game.
  • The Golden Idol
    • A puzzle game where each level you must examine a scene to figure out exactly what happened, eventually piecing together the full story over several levels. Don't let the art style put you off, it's an incredibly well done game. Most similar to Return of the Obra Dinn in concept.
  • Stories: The Path of Destinies
    • an action RPG with a branching choice-driven storyline, but not every story has a happy ending... You'll piece together the true story over multiple playthroughs and eventually find the one true path. It wasn't a particularly life-changing game but it was still a lot of fun and worth checking out if it sounds interesting!
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Missing (
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