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The one where it says 0 on the elevator?

[-] AnUnusualRelic 2 points 1 hour ago

They're serious about ppe at least.

[-] AnUnusualRelic 28 points 2 hours ago

So when you're lost, just find a pooping dog to know where the North is. Or the south.

Wait this is useless.

[-] AnUnusualRelic 1 points 2 hours ago

"Those rubber things that go in the water"

[-] AnUnusualRelic 1 points 2 hours ago

Those things have been around forever and work very well. For domestic use it's probably only worth it if you have a lot of shirts.

[-] AnUnusualRelic 1 points 2 hours ago

Your internet is solar powered?

[-] AnUnusualRelic 6 points 3 hours ago* (last edited 3 hours ago)

The problem is that commercial entities have the leverage to get hardware makers to design stuff for their environnement. It's the same issue Linux has vs. Windows. Mostly, it works great when you use things that conform to standards. But sometimes you'll hit an edge case. All in all, it's a small price to pay.

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And those that are aren't for long.

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As a seagull, I'd have done the same

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My PCs don't even have optical drives.

Ok, my bad, one of them has one. I passed it to my SO who insists on using Windows (because architecture software that's a bitch to run in anything else) and I had forgotten about that one. My bad. But I can't game on that one, so my point stands.

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Ok but this is not balanced because you didn't list all the great things Trump has in store:

  • The definitive end of democracy

  • ww3

  • all money that's left goes to billionaires

  • hopefully the end of humanity

  • Nobody left to incriminate him with anything

  • huge wins

  • nobody has ever seen wins such as this

  • anybody? Hello?

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parked in an isle

People had to actually swim there? Rough times.

submitted 1 month ago by AnUnusualRelic to c/[email protected]

Plasma 6 changed the way scrollbars work for some reason. Now when you click somewhere with mouse1 the elevator jums there and the window content scrolls accordingly.

Previously, it would scroll by one window's worth in the appropriate direction. If you wanted to jump to a given location, you just used mouse2 (typically the scroll wheel button nowadays). It has worked that way everywhere for literally decades.

After reading the very weird explanation for the change, I can only conclude that the devs don't even know how to use their interface.

Hence my question, is there a setting somewhere to switch back to the traditional behaviour?

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