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Toby Allen made one for a lot of Neuro-types and -conditions. (beware, some are a lot less cute than these two)

I like his Autism Monster more than the TBH-Creature. More cute and fluffy - more complex style. Too bad that means it is much less meme-able.

And the ADHD-Monster is okay, too.

What do you think?

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If 8 trilobites hang out together, would they make a trilobyte?

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Shows that those psych-whatever-ists knew drat about the (ancient) greek language, because 'word' would be 'logos' and 'alexi' is actually a greek surname of ancient decent, that would mean 'defender'. The ancient greeks would never have named the condition that way! My impression is that various Freudians and Anti-Freudians converged on the term in the early-mid-20th century as a means to make themselves sound smarter than any of them really were.

Source: As someone named Alexander, I just finally felt vaguely offended enough by the term to start digging a little deeper:

And also, nothing about the condition as described by modern sources ever made any sense to me - which after reading the article I linked, wasn't even a surprise to me anymore. Sorry, rant over.

TL,DR: It's another piece of etymologic fallout from a historic shitslinging match between researchers and practitioners, but one that didn't get resolved conclusively. Because brains ...

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I am sure Wikipedia has a list...

Aaand right. I think I remember a couple spent rocket stages and debris hitting it that isn't listed, but there shouldn't be much more that would classify as a 'vehicle'.


I dub this technique 'prostresstinating'.

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Imgur Album link

A picture of the plant my great great grandfather had built up. Located in Moravia, Czechia. This is how it looked before it got bombed in WWII. The original was an oilpainting - and also lost.

I wanted to rescue this picure for quite a while now, because it is a rare document of personal significance, but I lack the skills and now also the time to actually do it.

The picture is a scan (I just threw the maximum resolution at it and corrected contrast a little) of a magazine reproduction (only blackwhite) of a postcard showing the original painting. It accumulated a lot of losses of quality in the process of being a copy of a copy of a copy, so I included an annotated version with the imgur album.

I consider color to be a lost cause here, but if you want to try your hand at colorizing, go for it. What I would really like fixed is the halftone pattern, the paper damage and the letters that rubbed off from another magazine. (The company logo must stay)

Originally I wanted to do it myself, so I didn't plan a budget (and was advised against putting a number here), but I will award xx.-€ for the best result posted before Dec. 23rd 2023.

Good luck.

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Haha, in some parts of germany you can do that yourself. on foot. with a zipdisk.

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Yep, that's a mood.

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seeing it capitalized in the post title didn't help. 😆

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Yeah... I had to read that 5 times before I brained it correctly.


Welcome I'm back on my BS 🤪

Since we all have to sleep and work from time to time, having an additional set of eyes on our spaces is a good idea. Thus BS and I have exchanged mod status for here and c/Autism.

Uuuuh, no idea what else to say... Go on and DHD the Au some more, I guess. ♾️ 😄

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Hi. Thanks for the welcoming.

I'll be mostly hanging back, though. Only acting on reports and illegal content attacks. It's an emergency lifeline that is good to have set up before an emergency happens.

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Even though I am aware of sounding incredibly cliché and cringe: The more you try to force it, the less success you'll have. Forget personality types. Forget 'effort'. People seem to instinctlively know when you're not having a good time or when you're outside your comfort zone. So have a good time first, and look for a mate second.

(Also, I am aromantic, so my sack of advice is probably worth only the sack)

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"Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker!"

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Long story that played out over months... Went to the doctors with depressive episode. Got diagnosed burnout. But from what??? So... I dug into researching psychology. Turns out, I inherited the family 'tism and could trace anecdotal evidence back 4 generations. Nobody ever bothered to investigate before. Presented my findings to my therapist and her reaction after listening to it all was (paraphrasing) "You didn't KNOW?".

So, yeah... No 'officially on paper' official diagnosis yet. I don't plan on getting one, because it turns out, the main cause of my problems isn't Autism, it's ADHD on top (that one got official a few months later), but now I am doing better with that under control and unlearning all the masking I did.

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Not a trustworthy source.

ADHDog (
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This one speaks to me on multiple levels.

It's a reason I dropped my scepticism of medication and went to get a diagnosis and subsequent prescription. I am glad I did - and that it worked first try. (It's not guaranteed anything would, depending on unknown factors and probably autism also influences the effectiveness)

I can confirm: At first, it really feels that way. But now, half a year later, it balanced out a little and I am only medium fast. Still - much improvement compared to before.

(Disclaimer: This is not medical advice, do not mistake for such)

edit: Artist, I believe, is Toivo Kaartinen, creator of Foxes in love

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Dalicious! (
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As an experiment: Just some good news...

Notice: Metacomment following.

I wasn't planning to make this Sublemmy be just about memes of the more-or-less relatable kind. Relevant news, external links, helpful videos, or just text posts about personal experiences (list incomplete) are all allowed, too. It's just that it turned out this way, because I am more comfortable with initiating conversation with memes...

Maybe I should have made that more clear... Maybe I should write up an official modpost and ask for feedback... For now, I encourage you to share your opinion informally - I would like to know where you (the awesome readers and commenters) want me to go next.

Medieval attitude (
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"No, I don't really want to discuss the sword right now."

Pharmaceuticals (
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All or nothing (
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I can relate... If it is worth doing, it must be done 100% right, first try, zero margin for error, no rehearsals, no practise round.

Like rocket science!

(Except I know that's not how rocket science is done, either, but somehow that thought refuses to sink in)

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