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If the bar is heaving, always order the Guinness last, preferably after they've had time to sort out all the other drinks first.

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No good at likensubs*

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Then I misread your initial comment I guess. I can get behind that.

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Toxic masculinity?

I've never known anyone except people on the internet to be all "everyone should be themselves and do what they enjoy"

And then when someone enjoys something that they don't like it's suddenly "No, not like that! That's toxic!"

If you don't like "disgusting" things or dark humour that's absolutely fine but don't call people toxic for liking it. I would say that's a toxic trait in itself.

I find feet disgusting but I'm not here to call someone toxic cos they have a foot fetish.

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The buckfast motto tells you everything you need to know.

Buckfast gets you fucked fast.

It's intended to be consumed in a park directly from the bottle.

An ungodly fortified tonic wine brewed by people of god. Brewed could even be a strong word, if I had to guess, I would say it's extracted from a natural reserve which was originally thought to be oil until they realised it gets you shitfaced.

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They do what we all did and start drinking at 14 in a park somewhere

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Totally not, Jessica

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I'm not even American but didn't the republicans do the exact same thing with "America under biden" using pictures of America under Trump.

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iirc, the reason tigers are black and orange stripey is because deers and whatever else they eat don't see orange, they see green. This blends the tiger in with the surroundings better.

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You can consume in public, just not in alcohol free zones. The zones are generally city/town centres where there are usually places licensed to serve alcohol. Everywhere else you can drink as you please as long as you don't get too drunk.

Dungeon Seed (feddit.uk)
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Where do you enter it? I haven't got one to hand but I see it a lot and I assume theres somewhere you can enter it to go back to that level and continue from there.

Edit: I'm using shattered so that could be a thing, maybe.

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Alt text: Uncovering the meaning behind the surreal imagery requires a closer look at the symbolism and personal context of the dream. Similar to other unsettling dreams such as losing at a slot machine, riding a scooter, losing the ability to speak, seeing a purple woman with wings and eating berries, dreams about faces being ripped off carry a unique message that can provide insight into our psyche

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Are there any celebrities that are confirmed to be using lemmy?

I know celebs have used Reddit, have any followed us to Lemmy that are confirmed. For example I know Adam from mythbusters was an active redditor or Arnold Schwarzenegger etc. Do we know if any have came along with us

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So basically I'm a college teacher and I've been doing it for less than a year, our new set of learners has multiple people with ADHD and honestly they are fantastic people and they have great input for the lessons but they're also very disruptive at times.

I just want advice from people in the same boat on what I can do to be better for them. I never expected for a single day in my life that I would become a teacher so I don't really know what I'm doing in this situation and I don't want to be a dick about it cos it's not their fault.

Thanks in advance.

Mind blowing (feddit.uk)
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