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Hi! Great post, good research with sources, great initiative, thank you. πŸ™

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Oh, I thought they wrote the *removed* text verbatim... My bad.

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So, OK, I'm willing to learn: please show me good brands then.

They need to resist to mud (thick mud, the kind with a ton of suction that will keep your soles when you try and move), seawater, rocks and sand, and pretty dense vegetation.

They also need to have steel toe caps, good soles (vibram or equivalent if possible) that don't slip, and that aren't too hard (wet stone is enough of a female dog as it is), and to go higher than my ankle.

The best brand I tried so far was caterpillar, but they lasted only 3 years. That's a far cry from "a decade or more".

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Exactly. Nah, we just gotta have man made monoculture everywhere, or a desert, right? So that, in the end, it just amounts to deserts anyway. Yay. 😢

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That, plus all the obvious propaganda, dogmatic echo chambers, and people who misspell stuff voluntarily, or make extremely basic mistakes ("your wrong", "its that", "there logic", etc) more than once.

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Yeah so, the amount of meals is correct. But that's about it. I mean, I can't say about the taste, to each their own, but one kg of cow meat needs two dozen kg of grain.

That's about as inefficient as it gets.

As for the leather, the industry doesn't like products that last a decade, so it isn't actually using the leather in such a way. Industrial leather boots last a year tops.

Finally, pet food is made out of discarded cuts of meat, the uglies, etc. But also lots of cereals, and vegetables.

So we could really afford eating less meat. It isn't good for anything. Not for us, not for the other species (certainly not for the cows, that get often half assed butchered in a hasty way because of quotas and profit), and absolutely not for the ecosystem.

But I guess the taste is all that matters.

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I saw the image first. But as I checked the username, I already knew it was you.

Quality meme, as always. πŸ‘Œ

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Finally, a Scottish layout.

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"I'm afraid that's not a choice..."

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Yeah, β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ian princes will be mad disappointed.

BTW, cool meta-use of removed internet censorship to illustrate your point.

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It happens to the best of us πŸ™‚

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Also, could you please update the title of your fediverse post? The article now says 21k πŸ™‚

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Edit: I was searching for a "meta" community, since this is a post on Lemmy about current Lemmy limitations... But it turns out that this might very well be off topic. I apologise if it is the case... I would gladly take suggestions on what community would be best for this post, BTW.

... (lemmy.ml)
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Nobody posted it, I waited, but since this is pretty relevant, here it is.

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Some updates I got from threadreaderapp:

Link to the thread provided by @[email protected].

SimpleX Chat (lemmy.ml)
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Hello everyone,

I have discovered SimpleX Chat (nothing to do with XChat or HexChat, or the favorite letter of some dumb billionaire), and it appears being a legit good effort at providing good privacy while retaining "mainstream" usability.

And it has been audited (by one company so far, it seems).

The only concern I have is with regards to battery life (given that it has to maintain roughly as many open connections as you have contacts, AFAICT).

Has anyone here used it? Any opinion?

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