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I believe that's what they call fractional updates.

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This is a petition urging public institutions to work with Free (Open-Source) software in favor of proprietary software. Supporters include the EFF, KDE, GNOME, the FSFE, Gentoo, Debian and many more. Overall, it is very based.

kthxbai :3

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wav is just worse

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the mask takes care of that

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I just did, 10 minutes ago

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4chan humor

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fake money for criminals is just money in general, at least some crypto currencies don't allow for tracking

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late stage ruleism

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I went to a McDonald's and it turns out they increased the price of a singular, generic, low-quality Hamburger to €2.50. I still remember them costing €1 not too long ago. What the fuck?

ktnxbai :3

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people with no social life

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It doesn't, the os is immutable and just based on Arch. Arch is counted separately in the Stream hardware survey too.

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Wed 2024-02-28 - Public release of Plasma 6.0

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