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Special plugin operation.

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All that text and not even one mention of what you don't like with Gnome.

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It's not garbage and if anything, it makes plasma better by being a bit of competition and offering simplicity.

I think it's more similar to the mac idea of simplicity, but there isn't much new features.

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I personally don't trust Snowden. Looking at the difference between how he was treated and how Assange was treated. One guy gets to rot in prison, other guy gets movies made about him from Hollywood. Snowden is very much controlled opposition in my mind.

But that being said, I think he is truthful about OpenAI. Which sucks, because now I and many others love using chat gpt.

It's possible to self host these things though. I read an article about it here:


But probably not worth the money for most people.

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Kids are not looking for that knowledge, I think you know that. Planet is being destroyed, yes, but nothing you can do about it by using your phone.

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But then newbies would get killed a lot and cry, and stop playing. For some reason, this didn't happen 20 years ago but now, it's appearently a big fucking problem if a player doesn't feel powerful in the first five minutes of the game..

I think gamers are just really entitled now. They expect awards for turning on the game. And God forbid if someone else kicks their butt because they have more experience.

I was playing quake and unreal tournament growing up and I got absolutely wasted in the beginning. Made me laugh so hard. Then I got good, very good, because I had to be to not die.

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C++ is... I got nothing.

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Retired army general as well. Such a nice person.... Not.

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Sure, if we didn't have the need to procreate or the need for a life companion, the computer would be the perfect partner.

But since we are not machines quite yet...

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Entire tech industry does this over and over again. The only way to stop dancing along is to switch to Linux instead of praying to Microsoft or Apple corporations.

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People don't even take it seriously it seems.

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Don't think so. Havent you met kids feeling shit because of social media? It's everywhere.

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I think its not just kids anymore, it's adults too. Everyone is glued to their screens these days. But kids are more vulnerable to influences from "social" media and don't have any defences to the psychological warfare going on. Of course they feel like shit.

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I think this is the perfect analogy for what's happening right now to the open web.

We are part of the Cosy Web here on Lemmy.. :)

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Kind of obvious where this is going.

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This is actually pretty brilliant and innovative.

With other solutions, the "key" that re-enables distractions is always present. Brick allows you to leave that key behind, turning your phone into a new, distraction-free device until you return.

This tickles some part of my brain... The scanning part is so cool. Would you use an app like this?

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This is a very entertaining and educational article, giving insights into the methods used by thiefs to try and get access to your phone data.

I don't like Apple but it's great that their security is so good when it comes to this.

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This was a really good summary of what Rust feels like in my opinion. I'm still a beginner myself but I recognize what this article is saying very much.

The hacker news comments are as usual very good too:


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Get your shorts ready, this will be very interesting to follow. Seems like the stock will appear tomorrow already?

I fully expect a nosedive in stock price but who knows. Maybe a pump and dump.

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Who is actually surprised by this? I would be more surprised if young Americans felt it was a great place to live.

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I didn't know reddit gave out the personal details of their users, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

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So the day has come. :) Which distro will be the first to have it...

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Looking forward to trying this tomorrow. Anyone has tried it on their macs?

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