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most of them are being mined in politically unstable or to western civilization unfriendly countries, with terrible effect on the environment.

Has that ever stopped everyone, though?

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I've never even thought, "I need a gun" and I'm not rich or wealthy or affluent. The only reason I'll ever learn to handle firearms is to shoot fascists if the need arises.

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I witnessed Berlusconi's rise and fall: putting corrupt business people in government isn't a great idea

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We don't need metal detectors outside of school either

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My solution is making gun ownership less indiscriminate. In my country, I'd have to prove that I need a gun for self-defense and pass a psychological and physical check. Moreover, the license would have to be renewed after 5 years.

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Addressing the fact that the US have a worrying fetish for firearms isn't on the agenda, is it? No, let's give guns to teachers.

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Giving guns to teachers to fight school shooters is exactly the excalating move that I would expect from the US.

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A: Marvel saw fit to publish a comic book in which Frank Castle tells cops to stop using his logo. B: now that the guy with a Punisher lock screen has experienced loss, he may step up his war-on-crime game.

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"Hey kid, it's up to you to stop another acute manifestation of the US' problem with guns"

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This is the spirit

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Be the man Marcus Aurelius thinks you can be

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At least he was also captured and sold as a slave. Moreover, Dio Chrysostom chose him as his anti-slavery champion in Diogenes or On Servants.

Diogenes argues that it is better not to have slaves at all, observing that:

... nature has made each man a body that is sufficient for looking after himself. — Dio, Oration 10.10

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It looks like they are going to focus on privacy and more granular ephemerality.

I wish they added polls to chats (just for the lulz), but Stories could be a nice addition.

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