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The goalposts remain the same. We'll see what happens if Trump wins.

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Why should I need to use a 4 core machine

Just 'cos the article writer used one doesn't mean you have to and i doubt "multiple CPUs" is a requirement for SQLite.

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Riiiight.... trust American companies instead... definitely so...

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Not just American unfortunately... crap ass managers use the internet too, the news spreads... beyond the marginal raise i get due to inflation every year i only ever get a decent raise by, well, changing companies.

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So you could just got he the office days straight and don't show up for the rest of the year... interesting... but considering promotions are everything but lately i'd just go remote anyway.

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If promotion means becoming a manager... no thanks.

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and the response from the west would be swift. At least I hope and assume so.

The whole point of NATO is that if you attack one country, the others come to the rescue, meaning the US war economy is frothing at the mouth just begging that Russia does something stupid with a NATO country. Not their backyard anyway.

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If it ain't 'murican we ban 'em!

Guess all foreign cars should be next, what with all the telemetry and all...

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Did you read the article?

There's more to SQLite than the embedded world and not everyone requires ClickHouse's performance.

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Slackware, Devuan... or Gentoo, which took the sanest approach and actually lets you choose init system, are all good alternatives too.

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They never stopped being bad, they've just refined their tactics.

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Most subtle instance of Microsoft's Embrace-Extend-Extinguish to date.

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PRAGMA journal_mode = WAL;
PRAGMA busy_timeout = 5000;
PRAGMA synchronous = NORMAL;
PRAGMA cache_size = 1000000000;
PRAGMA foreign_keys = true;
PRAGMA temp_store = memory ;

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...which is why i prefer AM for hardware longevity.

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A 22-year-old man from the United Kingdom arrested this week in Spain is allegedly the ringleader of Scattered Spider, a cybercrime group suspected of hacking into Twilio, LastPass, DoorDash, Mailchimp, and nearly 130 other organizations over the past two years.

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A quality assurance game testing company contracted by Microsoft’s Activision laid off an entire team of workers because they began organizing, according to an unfair labor practice charge filed by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) on Monday

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Internet surveillance, and the resultant loss of privacy, is following the same trajectory. Just as certain fish populations in the world’s oceans have fallen 80 percent, from previously having fallen 80 percent, from previously having fallen 80 percent (ad infinitum), our expectations of privacy have similarly fallen precipitously. The pervasive nature of modern technology makes surveillance easier than ever before, while each successive generation of the public is accustomed to the privacy status quo of their youth. What seems normal to us in the security community is whatever was commonplace at the beginning of our careers.

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I'm looking to mainly use it for school and was wondering if there's any recommended distros out there for thinkpads.

Its a Lenovo Thinkpad T480.

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