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Hold up, you vegan think everyone else eat nothing but meat? LOL, every heard of something called "a balanced diet"? Don't tell me you people actually believe you are herbivores and everyone else are pure carnivores. You might wanna google "omnivores", mate. Fun fact: Human isn't the only omnivore species on earth, so why don't you and your beloved PETA go and try to convert all of them to vegans so you can "save the planet".

Before you go, would you kindly tell which school you went to so I don't send my kids there?

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Not only eating meat is the same thing as raping but also murdering people? Maybe PETA should take over the world and throw billions of people in jail then. Our ancestors must be really disappointed to know that they spent millions of years of evolution climbing to the top of the food chain just for you people to jump back down to the bottom.

I recommend you eat at least three times the portion of your precious beans to somewhat match the nutrients of a normal meal for a normal person. And actually season your "food" please, I'm very opening minded about food and try everything before judging, but yours are just so tasteless than even good old water has more flavor. Even a broke colleague student's meal is nowhere as sad as yours.

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Ah yes, raping, an activity that is the perfect comparison to eating meat. And yet everyone doesn't get arrested for eating meat, the justice system is more corrupted than I thought.

And as a species that has been around for 2.5 million years, we just started eating meat recently and definitely not for the last 2.4 million years. It's a miracle that we evolved instantly from a bunch of apes eating nothing but plants to omnivores with complex history and advanced technology in just a mere 2 thousand years.

Maybe having a brain the size of an orange ain't so bad, we definitely should evolve backward to that since we were able to survive for 2.498 million years without meat after all.

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It's not even active or have any video playing, and I'm not even connected to the internet.

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I overlock my Gigabyte RTX 3060 12GB OC with MSI Afterburner, with Mem at +550, Core at +55, Voltage at 100%, temp limit at 90C and power limit at 124 (which are the highest possible for temp and power). I stress tested it with FurMark for over 30 minutes and the highest temp I've got is like 67-68C, on very rare occasions it reaches 69 (nice), I got a 70 once and never reach it again. I've read that overclocking reduces the GPU lifespan since it causes more stress and high temp. But mine is no where close to thermal limit so I wonder if overclocking is harmful to the card if the temp is below the thermal limit.

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So I was changing the case fans, after I put everything back together, I forgot to plug in the power for the GPU. I turned the pc on and I saw the white LED on GPU power port lid up and heard the fan spins like crazy (I don't know if it was the CPU fan or the GPU fans), I panicked and immediately turned off the power supply.

Everything happened in less than 2 seconds, I've run some stress tests and gamed for a few hours and nothing bad happened (yet?) so I assumed everything is still fine (for now?).

What happens if I had left it on like that for longer? And why did the fan ram up like that?

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There is a magnetic top vent filter that comes with the case but it covers the top rear exhaust fan so I don't really want to put it on.

Yes, I know the pc is dirty, but I'm getting a new PSU after Christmas so I'll clean it then.

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I have two Orico USB hubs, the powered one has four 3.0 ports, and the unpowered one has one 3.0 port and five 2.0 ports. If I plug the powered hub into the pc then chain the unpowered one into it, will the unpowered hub run into power issues if I plug high-power-consuming devices into it? And does it make any difference if I switch the hubs order?

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Given that all of them are all powered hubs so power won't be the issue and you have enough space to put them. How much will it impact performance, latency or other things I don't know about? Or it will straight up kill the port if there are too many hubs?

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actually, they do bring glasses with them all the time, they just straight up refuse to wear them

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He should have gone all the way when he started the mutiny against Putin. He would be dead either way but at least he had the chance to take Hitler's disciple with him to hell.

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The year is 2023, every single major tech companies are racing each other to become Public Enemy No. 1. And the only Hero we have is the EU, will it be able to save the day?

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One more company to add to my "Pirate Only" list

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Firefox+UBO and Revanced users: Oh no... anyway...

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of course not, it hasn't been updated for FIFTEEN YEARS and definitely didn't even get an engine upgrade in 2017 let alone a new version half a month ago and a hotfix last week

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Firefox users: Another Chromium drama? People never learn

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they didn't follow Reddit's "Moderator Code of Conduct", here's a summarized version for anyone who wants to take their place:

Rule 1: Suck Steve Huffman's dick.

Rule 2: Suck u/spez's dick.

Rule 3: Suck it all the way to the balls.

Rule 4: Suck it like it is the most delicious shit in the world.

*New rules:

Rule 6: You are not allowed to put anything other than Steve Huffman's or u/spez's dick in your mouth.

Rule 7: Pay Steve Huffman and u/spez 20 million dollars a year each for sucking their dicks.

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