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Covid changed even Influenza testing. Yesterday I went to the doctor here in Korea because I was feeling sick for over 3 days already and they asked if I want a test. I didn't quite understand for what and thought it's necessary so I said yes. It was the same as for Covid, they tickle your brain with a stick through your nose. After 5 minutes the test came back negative, I don't have Influenza. They charged me $28, I guess most of it was for the test itself, the rest should have been covered by my insurance.

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There's even combined test-at-home kits for Flu (A&B), Covid and RS virus. Was surprised as you when I saw them in a pharmacy here in Germany some months ago, for 6 EUR/kit. Later bought them online for about 25 EUR for a 20 pack. Company making them is called Hightop. Probably worth looking into that for you, for a spontaneous self test.

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The flu test (at least here in the US) has been the brain tickler since at least 2017

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