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[-] 44razorsedge 7 points 1 month ago

Once again, the Federal gov bears the brunt of populist, provincial bullies without a clue. Politics in this country are a train wreck and now the carrion-fed Koch organization is pecking at the dead flesh. Yeah, and while we're at it, in pre-election mode, let's spend $8M and counting to remind us all how good things are under the blue oaf in Ontario.

see, renewables contracts, Bill 124, this cap and trade, the greenbelt changes, the OEB override and legislation

[-] [email protected] 4 points 1 month ago

All of the money collected during the program’s duration, some $472 million, “went into Ontario coffers,” and wasn’t used to compensate market participants, the company states repeatedly.

Notably, Koch Industries says the Ford government is withholding documents related to decision-making around the cancellation. The company’s latest submission notes that freedom of information requests remain outstanding nearly two years after they were filed.

If even Koch Industries can't get their ATIP fulfilled, what hope do we?

I'm not a fan of big companies, but I can't help but feel they have a leg to stand on. Ford has recklessly and repeatedly ignored contracts he doesn't like, and basically said 'damn the consequences, those will be sorted by the next guy in place'. (see, renewables contracts, Bill 124, this cap and trade, the greenbelt changes, the OEB override and legislation)

[-] [email protected] 3 points 4 weeks ago

You may be right. Problem is Koch Industries has such a scummy rep that many of us - myself included - automatically dismiss everything they whine about.

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