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It's long been understood that the war in Ukraine will likely be a long and hard one, determined as much by production, supply, economics and political will as well as the skill and sacrifice of those fighting it.

But despite that realisation, the transition of the war into its third year of full-scale fighting still represents a bitter milestone, and while the front has seen some movements recently and the year is likely to see a number of offensive actions - at a strategic level, the lines are moving at a glacial pace, and often only when the supply situation allows.

By popular vote - today we're going to look at where the war in Ukraine stands in 2024. We'll explore ammunition production and supply, the economic health of the countries involved, some of the trends in terms of the way the fighting is evolving and put together what predictions we can for the coming months.

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I do not know how much cross pollination there is between Europe and the Russo-Ukranian war communities. But this youtuber has a background in defense economics and has in-depth analysis of a wide range of subjects in the field. This week an update and analysis of the long war is posted and I thought some people that would normally not see this would enjoy these insights.

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Perun is among the best YouTube has to offer. His gaming content is also good, he put me on to Terra Invicta

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Australian PowerPoint Daddy is the best!

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Here is an alternative Piped link(s):


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