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Worked for a shitty MSP in a large Midwestern city. They started hiring more managers, more "executives," they brought in consultants to make us more efficient, hired folks fresh out of college to tell us how to do our jobs - people that didn't know the first thing about tech - then decided they were going to make us start coming back into the office because they were salty that they dropped a couple of million on a new office a month before the pandemic.

I quiet quit, collected that sweet severance and unemployment (with the pandemic bonus) for a year, and was making more money than when I was working. I found all sorts of new hobbies in that year, and eventually found a job with a massive corporation. I work from home 3 days a week. I go into the office twice a week now, but said office is right in the middle of downtown and my view from my desk is insane, so I don't really mind. No one else really goes into the office anyways, so it's a nice two day quiet time each week. Also, I doubled my salary and have triple the PTO now. Fuck Framework IT.

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