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Number of (active) Lemmy users seems to stabilize and I think this is a great thing. Indeed we got a lot of users when reddit shutdown its API (I was among them despite being a long time oss user), many have left, but the community seems now to stabilize to ~ ½ of the big grow in june '23. I think this is very nice for lemmy, we can be proud of this project.

The stats come from: https://fedidb.org/software/lemmy

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Starting with version 0.19.0 voting also counts as being active.

aka, the lurkers 👀

I've always upvoted both posts that are on topic to the community and always to people who take the time out of their day to reply.

It's like common courtesy to me and votes are like free confetti anyways.

So I suppose the OP's figures are, off.

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Yep, there must be lots of uncounted lurkers. If you look at the active user charts at The Federation there was a spike in December when 0.19.0 released. I expect we'll see more spikes as additional instances upgrade to 0.19.


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I am uncounted, but next month I will be active!

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