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I was given some apricot chutney, and it was so delicious I'm inspired to make some myself. I've done lactofermented things like hot sauce, kraut and kimchi. So I'm curious to access the Group Mind: What are your lactofermented chutney recipes, and tips for lactofermentation? :-D

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Beautiful!! I'll have some free time in the next couple weeks, and hope to get some lacto-chutney going. I'll post something here, soon. Pic is my hot sauce from the past September - Habanero, Cayenne, Yellow Hots, garlic, cumin seed, and a 5% brine. After it was done bubbling I puree'd it along with some more garlic. It was so good! And I made enough to give some to friends, too. :-)

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@ForestOrca oh i have a few more photos I can share. So this is all 🌶️ basically? Isn’t that un eatably hot?

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One can adapt to capsaicin, by eating it on a regular basis, and gradually increasing the dosage. I eat chili most every day. When I was making this batch, I wore gloves, mask and goggles when I was first processing the chilis. Started with gloves, but added the rest when I started that characteristic chili cough. To be perfectly transparent, I removed most of the chili seeds, which made it much less spicy than it might have been. FWIW, that night, hands washed and hours later, my right eyelid 'lit up'! I must have gotten a tiny spec of habanero on the sensitive eyelid; a reminder to be careful when handling chili.

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