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I'll give that article a read, thanks! In addition to infantry losses, I've been really scratching my head about equipment losses. I get that Russia has a colossal amount of old soviet junk which they can throw at Ukrainian defences, but they must be running out. They can only have so many old T-72s in storage that they can get going again. Tanks, APVs, artillary; long term I just don't see how it will be possible to sustain an 800km long front line without armour or artillery support. Something has to give eventually.

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Well, the short answer is that they have a lot more equipment in storage than you might guess. The long answer is that yes, it will eventually run out, even if it seems like eventually is a long ways away. Perun did a really good video about it 2 months ago, including satellite analysis of equipment storage yards. Worth a watch if you've got 70 minutes to spare.

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