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Jesus; I had to nope out of that trailer after like 10 seconds. It's just too god damned creepy. Some uncanny valley lookin shit right there. It's even creepier than "The Polar Express". They actually paid money to produce this bullshit?

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"Population" could also mean "Eligible voting population", not just "total population". Both contexts work.

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Well, I mean - that's a pretty misleading figure, tbh. It's true that around that percentage of Americans as a whole voted for him, but "Americans as a whole" includes a whole bunch of people who are not eligible to vote. Like, people under 18. Or people who have felonies and cannot exercise their voting rights. The eligible voting population in 2020 (according to the US census bureau) was 231.6 million. As Trump received 74,223,975 votes in 2020, that represents about 32% of the population. Of course, 231.6 million people didn't vote in 2020. Only about 168.3 million were registered to vote, and only about 154.6 million actually voted. So if you look at the percentage of people who were willing to vote who preferred Donald Trump, that's a staggering 48%. What's depressing is that if you tally up the people who didn't vote (either because they weren't registered to vote, or they were registered and decided not to), you get about 77 million voters - more people than actually voted for Trump, or about 33% of the total eligible voting population.

So what's probably most accurate is to say that America is roughly divided into thirds: those who think Donald Trump is swell, those who don't, and those who couldn't give a shit either way.

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I'm honestly not sure what you're getting at with this statement. Idaho has a Republican governor, a Republican Lt. governor, a Republican secretary of state, 2 Republican senators, 100% of the US Representatives for Idaho are Republicans, and 80% of the state senators are Republican.

Is there something I'm missing here? Can you explain why Idaho is in any way something other than a perfect example of why voting very much matters? As far as I can tell, voters in Idaho seem to overwhelmingly favor Republicans, and so they get Republican policies.

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I'm completely mystified by how you can look at an example where a 280 vote margin led to an attorney general who refuses to prosecute people in her state over a tyrannical law, and then go: "no, but see - voting doesn't matter!"

I mean, there's ignorance, and then there's willful stupidity.

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I really have no idea how these two idiots aren't in prison already. I mean, there's the voter intimidation schemes and that time they fabricated allegations that Robert Mueller raped someone. And this is on top of Wohl committing securities fraud in 2015. The fact that they're still breathing free air is astounding.

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Ok? I fail to see how what you pointed out in any way changes my response.

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I think it's kind of hilarious that you're arguing so angrily and vehemently that you are not throwing a tantrum right now to some random stranger on the internet who called you childish. You're kind of making my day. <3

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Honestly, my friend, you're reading way too much into it. I expect in a desire to claw back some semblence of a win in order to salve your bruised ego, but hey - I'm not a psychologist. It was a really simple analogy. You're just being pedantic at this point. You don't need to find an exact parallel between every facet of the analogy and your situation for it to make sense.

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It's a tantrum. You are selfishly choosing to harm others because you aren't being catered to.

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Ok, it seems you're having trouble penetrating the depths of what is a fairly easy metaphor to grasp, so I'll break it down for you.

You complain that Biden (and presumably most, if not all Democratic presidents thusfar) caters to liberal and moderate political positions, but alienates progressives. You then stated that if he were instead to cater towards progressive positions, it would alienate liberals and moderates. To quote you:

Simply put, people argue if Biden made material compromises with leftists and progressives then moderates and liberals wouldn’t vote for him.

So you ostensibly believe that Biden is in a no-win position, in which he will alienate either the progressives or the more moderate sections of his party. So far, so fine. However, where an adult would recognize that the system is imperfect and that it is not likely to improve by November, you whine and pout that you're not getting your way (ie. having a president that caters to your political desires), and so you're going to throw a tantrum in the cereal aisle (refuse to vote, thus making it more likely that someone who caters to your political desires far less than Biden would will become president).

It's a really simple analogy. And the thing is, I think you recognize that you are being childish. It would certainly explain why you were so reluctant to say that Trump would be worse for America than Biden - you recognized that you would rightly be called out for immaturity because you were prioritizing your selfish need for attention over the good of the nation.

Basically, I think that you know that you are selfish and immature, but you also are self-conscious about that fact. I think that instead of going through some much needed self-reflection, you instead lash out at the world, because that's a much easier way to salve your ego. I really hope that you do at some point reflect on your actions (or inactions, as the case currently stands), and begin the long and painful process of growing from it. You seem savvy enough to be able to actually contribute in a way that could make a difference, if only you manage to get out of your own way. Until then, you probably shouldn't be surprised that acting like a child leads people to treat you like a child.

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Justify it all you want, your behavior is selfish and self-destructive. It is child-like. It is throwing a tantrum in the cereal aisle because Mom won't buy you Cocoa Pebbles. Dressing it up in these flimsy, asinine justifications doesn't make you sound smart, it makes you sound deluded.

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