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🔥 It’s been a long time since we had any downed Russian “dryers” in our activity!

We are correcting this situation! It seems that the cruiser “Moscow” will soon become an aircraft carrier!

I am glad to inform you about the destruction of the Russian bomber Su-24M in the area of Snake Island, which under the cover of a fighter Su-30SM, tried to inflict a missile and bomb strike on the south of Odessa region.

Thanks to the successful operation of the air command “South”, the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile unit sent the Russian “dryer” after the “Russian military ship”.

🤝 Happy Volunteer Day!

💪 Happy Armed Forces Day of Ukraine!

🇺🇦 Together - to victory!

Source: Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Jeez, everytime I wiki one of their weapons I'm astounded that thing hasn't been manufactured in 30 plus years.

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You're not kidding. Last produced in 1993... wow!

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