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Whoever is in charge of that instance, STOP.

It's an instance that crossposts posts from Reddit, except it also makes a new user for each Reddit account it came from. So if /u/hello123 made a post, it makes that post under a new account called hello123. That makes it impossible to block posting bots.

Not only that, it makes posts look like they're posted by real people, with many question and text posts being copied as well. I was very confused as to what these posts were until I realized they're crossposts.



https://lemm.ee/u/[email protected]

https://lemm.ee/u/[email protected]

https://lemm.ee/u/[email protected]

I strongly believe Lemmy isn't the place for mirroring content from other websites. You can host your own alternate Reddit frontend like LibReddit, there's no reason to spam the posts to everyone using Lemmy just because 5 people asked for it. Not to mention there are already enough instances mirroring posts, this is getting obnoxious.

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God I can't wait until instance blocking because this kind of drama is just soooo very tiring.

Edit: Clients that do that are great and all but I switch between desktop and phone too often for just a client-side solution on one of them.

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This exists in Sync for Lemmy. I couldn't live without it tbh.

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And Connect for Lemmy.

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If I'm not mistaken, they are going to release that feature soon on the default lemmy client.

The backend will support it https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/pull/3869 but I can't find the corresponding frontend PR or issue

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Oh, I wasn't aware that was accessible to users! Cool, thanks.

Dunno when they plan on releasing it.

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Connect client can do this

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