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Conservatism the political stance isn't exactly compatible with some aspects of "democratic" or egalitarian ideals. It would be more accurate to say that maybe you consider yourself less progressive but the main throughline of "Conservative" political philosophy since it's establishment as "the right" has been one that has argued that power should not be entirely egalitarian and that the only the "right" people are the only ones who should weild authority. In a monarchist society it's the nobility, in a post monarchist society it means the wealthy intelligencia or the landlords, in a capitalist society it favors the rich and business elite and in a facist society it favors an "us" as opposed to a "them". Another feature is that It also tends to attempt to empower select individuals and focuses on expanding the executive command at the top.

While the right constantly apes the language of the left and it's tactics regularly change when you lay open the very core of the thing it's always got the same authoritarian objective. I posit that "conservative" meaning 'not prone to excess' and "Conservatism" the branch of politics really should stop being conflated at all as everyone and their dog believes that they are rational and not prone to excess and gives the false impression that one endorses the objectives of Conservatism. Since Conservatives thrive on the idea of being a moral majority depriving them of any notion that you actually endorse them is kind of nessisary to combat them.

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