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[-] Teckovsky 11 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)


Some of my fav features:

  • 5AH Battery + 25W QC (100% in 2hrs) + WC, battery isn't removable but phone is easy to repair

  • Expandable Storage

  • Headphone Jack with a HiRes 32Bit DAC

  • Loud stereo speakers that don't suck

  • 1080P/60Hz/HDR10+ P-OLED

  • Wacom Stylus compatible

  • Desktop Mode

  • Dual Screen Case - LG mirrored the display into a case that the phone can easily drop in.

  • USB C 3.1 OTG

  • Still receiving quarterly security updates 3.5 years after launch to include A13 even after LG shutdown their mobile division in 2021

  • 5G, Wifi 6, BT 5.1

  • FM Radio

  • Rootable with community tool on XDA

The only things I wish I could change are:

  • Cameras for better resolution for macro/landscape shots. Anything further than 10 feet from the camera loses detail extremely quickly. Camera can record 4k60FPS but the second you crop or zoom in on anything, all the details are blury. It's baffling to me.

  • Higher refresh rate display even if it was only 90hz.

The only phone that can beat this in features is the Sony Xperia line at ~ 5x the price. Broke my first one and immediately grabbed a second one off swappa.

[-] droans 5 points 8 months ago

I wish that LG could have gotten their shit together. The V series was fantastic. Even with my shitty car speakers, you could hear the difference between the V20 DAC and that of a regular phone.

Plus the secondary screen was fantastic and stupid useful.

[-] [email protected] 5 points 8 months ago* (last edited 8 months ago)

5kAh battery

Do you mean 5 Ah or 5000 mAh? A 5kAh 3.7V battery would get you across most of the US on an ebike or run an electric car for 80 km. Or a phone for much of its lifetime.

[-] Teckovsky 1 points 8 months ago

Yeah I did haha.

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