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Hey all! Mod team of r/unixporn here. After a couple weeks of work on our end, we finally have a Lemmy community at LemmyWorld that we're committing to moderating in the long run. Additionally, due to Lemmy's federation, you should be able to crosspost between here and there even if you don't have an account on LemmyWorld. Hope to see you there!

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It's really not a misunderstanding if you fail to communicate that at all! Every bit of what you said made it sound like you all swooped in from reddit (given none of the mods I've seen have any interactoin with any other lemmy communities) to take over people who were already posting content.

Maybe that's not what's happening, which is great! People are obviously confused, so you're not doing a good job of explaining yourselves or what's happening in any event.

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