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You can use the left scroll wheel on your steering wheel to adjust the wipers once you've pressed for a single wipe. Just click it right for more, left for less. No need to look at the screen at all really. There's a little graphic on the wiper controls showing you this.

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Thank you! It's a fine mouse, the battery lasts legitimately months of use, and it recharges enough to use for the day in a minute. People just like yelling about Apple.

My G Pro Superlight has a charge port on the front and I never use it while charging because it isn't pleasant to use that way, with tension from the cable. I just go pee and come back and it's charged plenty.

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My therapist recommended this for me, or esketamine which my insurance may cover, but my doctor thought trying a regular antidepressant first was best, despite having tried many before.

I am doing better than I was, for sure, but I do wonder if I could be even better. I'm also honestly lucky to have made it through the dark period before the meds kicked in.

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What car do you drive where charging stops are that long? My average Supercharging session in my base Model 3 is 9 minutes. That's barely enough time to go pee and walk my dog.

I strongly prefer road-tripping my EV because the natural breaks mean I arrive more refreshed and less sore.

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That sounds terrible, I'm sorry! I have to admit I liked not dreaming at all.

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I hadn't considered it might be quitting weed since I started an antidepressant around the same time and had been assuming it was that. It's been a little over 5 weeks and I'm having awful nightmares every single night. Not interesting, just unpleasant and rooted in my various traumas.

Not ideal, but all the other positives of sobriety are worth it.

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They are genuinely more reliable. Having more stalls does help for when there's issues, but they have 99.96% uptime across the entire network. I've had to move stalls once in my almost 3 years of ownership.

They also have their own service people that travel to chargers to fix them, where Electrify America hires local electrical contractors that may not be experts on DC Fast Charging equipment.

Edit: ran some numbers and I've charged 109 times on Superchargers. One failed session. I live in the rural Midwest/South so it's not like I'm in EV heaven either.

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You're not unlucky, in the U.S. any charger that isn't made by Tesla is unreliable. It's been getting worse over time, and the only real hope is that every manufacturer is switching to Tesla's charge port (now called NACS) and getting access to their Superchargers.

I had a non-Tesla EV and eventually got a Tesla because I need to road trip regularly and can't handle chargers being down.

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I switched to Android a few months ago and expected to want to switch away from Apple Music, but their Android app is excellent. Plus they have lossless quality. Oh, and you can upload your own music to their cloud for streaming anywhere.

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Take care of yourself! Thanks for your work here ☺️

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Oh this will be nice, I loved having this on iOS. I used it for things like sign in codes from TV apps or whatever. Hopefully it works offline like voice does so I can continue using GBoard without network permissions.

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I don't think you understand what Apple Fitness+ is? You don't have to pay for access to any health data?

It's a service with workout videos lead by instructors, like what Peloton offers with their app. It's pretty good, I enjoy the yoga classes on my Apple TV.

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