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I should have just quit reddit without looking for alternatives but here we are

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[-] croobat 50 points 11 months ago

I was about to touch some grass but thankfully Lemmy saved me.

[-] taj 12 points 11 months ago

You should still touch grass. It feels good 😊

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Welcome to TIFU.

This community will stand as a tribute to the fuck up in all of us. We all do something stupid from time to time, this is your place to share and laugh about it with folks on the internet!

Da Rules:

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C. Use the NFSW Tag, if a Post isn't Appropriate in General but still follows the rules. (Sex stories and etc.)

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B. Illegal activities that you glorify or giving advice on how to do something illegal.

  1. Must be actual fuckups No humblebrags or stories that have zero consequences and don't go anywhere. Eg "TIFU by sexy sex". Moderator discretion.

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