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Moscow says it will keep pushing its offensive in Ukraine, though NATO doubts Russia has the resources to make a significant breakthrough.

NATO’s top military officer has said Russia’s armed forces are incapable of any major advance.

“The Russians don’t have the numbers necessary to do a strategic breakthrough,” NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe Christopher Cavoli told reporters on Thursday.

“More to the point, they don’t have the skill and the capability to do it; to operate at the scale necessary to exploit any breakthrough to strategic advantage,” the general said.

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[-] Dkarma 3 points 1 month ago

Someone doesn't understand symbolic votes. Lol

Bernie has always been on the right side, morally of pretty much every issue. Your implication otherwise here is simply laughable.

[-] saltesc 0 points 1 month ago

It wasn't symbolic. He was (arg. rightfully) opposed to other parts in the propositions. This is laughable? What is the implication? You can read it directly on his site as well as those of other democrats and independents who ultimately contributed towards the bills not passing. These are the sources, so I doubt they're implying anything.

If I'm personally implying anything, it is that many Americans seem to not do the above. When they make a statement, it's based on a single component of a much larger picture, as though that single component is the entire picture. However, looking up information rather than being fed information socially would resolve this. Unfortunately, pekple tend to fall for argumentum ad populum quite easily. Additionally, pride rejects the claim that oneself has fallen to fallacy.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 month ago

Sanders opposed aid to Israel. Republicans are the sellouts sucking off Putin.

[-] saltesc 0 points 1 month ago

Yeah, I know. I literally just mentioned the source and the broad reasonings, of which one was that... So, obviously that detail isn't the point.

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