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Bro, I wish I was your height

Sincerely, a 171cm boi

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I imagine they have some sort of cut out held by button on the back side

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If we had tails, what would our pants and underwear look like? 🤔

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Mhm I see. It's just a really shitty situation and that it happened so shortly before the main event makes it even worse. Like, if you disqualify him when he didn't do anything wrong, you face backlash and when he did in fact assault her and you still let him perform, you face backlash too.

I just hope the investigation doesn't get brushed under the carpet and that we get a better understanding of what actually happened.

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Wordy but essentially yeah :')

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Is there any publicly released footage of the incident? I only read about it in the news and if the reaction is justified imo depends on what he exactly did to her.

Taking part in such an event (sadly) often leads to a certain loss of privacy which one should be aware of. On the other hand pointing the camera on him even after him indicating he doesn't want to requires a certain amount of ignorance.

But then again, I cannot really judge the situation and need to leave that to the investigators.

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ESC 2024 in a nutshell:

🇨🇭 The Swiss finally found Nemo, who is non-binary and won by breaking the code and riding a Tagada

🇮🇪 Ireland performed a demon summoning and was awarded 6th by the jury, 6th by the audience and ended up in 6th - 666 intensifies

🇳🇱 The Dutch dude was disqualified for allegedly being an asshole

🇮🇱 Israel did not decapitate Netanyahu on stage and still finished high up in the ranks, sending pro-palestine Twitter users into rage

🇪🇪 We saw Estonian VSauce

They desperately tried to bait the audience with Abba just to show us the worst deep fake in human history and letting some previous ESC winners (including Conchita Wurst) perform Waterloo on stage.

(Did I miss anything?)

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Yes, German dialects can vary greatly for example here's the same sentence "I have an apple." in different German dialects:

Standard German:

"Ich habe einen Apfel."

Northern German / Platt:

"Ik hab en Appel."

Middle German / Saxonian:

" 'sch'habm Abbl." ( 'sch is pronounced like sh)

Southern German / Bavarian & Austrian:

"I hob an Opfü." (I is pronounced like the single letter E)

The Southern Germans are the ones with the Schwarzenegger accent.

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English (fluent)

Dutch (bad)

French (basics)

Japanese (basics)

Standard German (native)

Lower Austrian German (fluent)

Bavarian German (fluent)

Saxonian German (fluent)

Vienna German (good)

Hamburgian German (OK)

Berlin German (OK)

Northern German (OK)

Swabian German (OK)

Platt German (bad)

Tyrolean German (bad)

Swiss German (worse) - Yes, for me it's easier to understand Dutch than Swiss German

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Well, you can't cheat if you can't do anything

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Thx for sharing your story :3

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Tysm for sharing your story :D

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Please don't get me wrong, this is not meant to be rude slander. MX Linux is not a bad Distro at all (even tho I've always opted for Debian instead) and peops are free to use what suits them best.

But compared to other Distros (like Arch, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian or Mint) there doesn't seem to be much excitement about it. I hardly see articles about MX and I have barely seen people outing themselves as MX users which makes me wonder:

Are MX users just low key quiet, am I escaping their presence or is there a different reason for MX' high HPD score?

Btw: feel free to take a shot every time I write MX :p

temperatrule timeline (
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Work rule (
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Disclaimer: This is just kidding and in no way meant offensively against Max or Red Bull.

Max & Red Bull are once again in another league and you gotta respect their achievement whether you like it or not.

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I tried my best with my limited drawing skills :')

We rule in a society (
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You can search for "Sucrose" on any search engine, go to Images and watch the civil war unfold

I need MORE (
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btw, I wanted to add Pantheon (Elementary OS' Desktop) too but upon dependency issues I decided not to

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War grad auf da Landstraße und die U-Bahn is nd weitergefahren und auf einmal kam die Durchsage "Liebe Fahrgäste, die U-Bahn auf Gleis 1 ist defekt! Dear passengers, the train on platform 1 is broken!" Läuft bei den Wiener Linien! :')

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Could be meant for bdsm purposes but I am lacking a partner for that. And I may be desperate but I am far from being THAT desperate. 💀

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