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10,000 pound mother of all macarons. It was never finished due to too many accidents during the egg white phase....

[-] [email protected] 10 points 21 hours ago

Sometimes, the baguette is covered in salt flakes and poppy seeds. Le ouch.

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Even inside the motherland! Aieeee!

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"Oriana Fallaci Sends Her Regards" was printed on the fuselage, but he couldn't read...

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But what if your bunk is on a marine vessel?

[-] [email protected] 2 points 3 days ago

That's heartening! Thank you for that!

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I don't know enough about myco propagation to answer. I know they need rich organic matter. I always mix my grounds with composted cattle manure, food scraps and straw.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 4 days ago

I've mixed hundreds of pounds of used, fermented grounds into my 1100 sq ft. of loamy clay soil over the last three years. Some plants love it, a few don't. I had the soil tested at the beginning and end of the three years and it didn't change the pH significantly. The grounds start to sour, ferment and grow fungi as soon as a day after being stored, so get it out in the garden as soon as possible.

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Wut a byooty! I'm going to pet these lil wondahs, because they're really quoit gentle!

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That mountain won't put on a burqa and has no clitoris to hack off...sharmuta...🎶ohhhh deeaaath 🎶

[-] [email protected] 1 points 6 days ago

Those female monarchs will bring you down every time. You gotta spray and inspect quarterly, can't give em a chance. Here's your estimate, won't be cheap.

[-] [email protected] 3 points 6 days ago

I like that the stats above now include da hops. Hops are my favorite.

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Who uses google any more? The reference to "ink-related hostage situation" in this article from The Verge made me snort/chuckle, but really, google is itself a hostage situation. It's all stick and no carrot, because you're the hostage who has to give more and more personal data on a futile attempt to get some kind of empathy from your captors, who are selling your data to any one with a dirty ol dime. The only way to win is not to play. If you're still paying for Google products with your money or your personal data, why? Let's help be reposting the Verge article linked above, for the lulz and to flatter the algorithmn into allowing an embarassing troll article going to the top of non sponsored results.

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Flores, can you hear me? (sh.itjust.works)
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1/13/2024, I found this worn neck gaiter in a pack of milsurp clothes. Flores, can you hear me? Flores, can you see me? Did you lose this at the post laundry? I'd like us all to share our cherished memories of Flores, whether he's still in the E4 Mafia or moved on to opportunities in managing a chain of vape stores in Tulsa. You are not forgotten, Flores. Have a happy Easter.

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An eerie glow has been emanating from Wales' forests and rockpools for the country's annual dark skies week.

David Atthowe, a nature guide from Norwich, was invited to shine his ultraviolet (UV) torches on some of the best nature spots in Pembrokeshire and Monmouthshire.

His photos of temperate rain forest in Wales reveal shapes, structures and colours that rival a coral reef.

"It is hidden from our human senses, waiting to be discovered," he said.

The 34-year-old is on a one-man mission to shine UV light on what he calls a "magic world" in which plants and animals fluoresce to communicate.

"Wales is so lucky to have so many beautiful sites [for biofluorescence] with its rockpools and temperate rainforest," he said.

Image upload not working? (sh.itjust.works)
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Hey mah shitizens, I went to make an simple OC image post on [email protected] and the "browse" image upload dialog will not open. Tried logging out, then logging back in and restarted my phone. Android, firefox, all updated recently. I also tried uploadingcit from lemmy.world. checked my android and browser media permissions. Halp

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In Robert Heinlein's novel "Farnham's Freehold", the protagonists accidentally end up in a very technologically advanced feudal society that depends on a drug called "Happiness" to control things and keep social classes rigidly separated. The hypothesis of this question: the drug is a pleasant tasting drink you take daily. It has no known negative side effects. It rapidly induces a feeling of deep contentment, peace, clarity of mind and general satisfaction with your life. You will not become physically dependent on it. You don't have to pay anything to get it. A small, unchanging dose must be taken every day to maintain this effect, but you don't control its distribution. It is distributed by the ruling class of your society, but no one is coerced to take it, as they are psychologically dependent on it. After many centuries of Happiness distribution, no one has shown desensitization or needed a higher dose. The protagonists in the book rejected their doses, escaped briefly and were recaptured. Would you take Happiness? Why or why not?

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I remember how big this was for a while - only for this bit of news to be buried with a short article. Surely the scale of infestation (resulting in the change in approach) is going to have significant impacts to pollinator-dependent agriculture?

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Will Putin have his phallic insecurity tables transported to South Africa on their own plane? Will they get there in time? Does he want to be a big dog again, enough to show up in person and risk arrest? Where is Mrs. Putin? What air defense doin?

CROSSPOOOOOST from my boi u/lusterko at https://kbin.social/m/Ukraine_UA/t/194809. If you are not following that subkbin, you're missing out on rich veins of raw meme ore. Lusterko is posting like it is his job. Quality Ukraine posting there, he seems to keep it up 24/7. Until kbin.social has an API, let's support this one by whatever means necessary. I think Lusterko takes hryvnias. EYEBROW/WRY GRIN.

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Crosspost from BombOmOm at https://lemmy.world/post/1400777 Why would Prigoz hand over hundreds of millions in valuable equipment that the Russian Ministry of Defense claims is theirs? Is this part of the massive atate-sponsored community theater project to set up his heart attack?

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Many an innocent bystander passing through here, asking "what is this sublem about?" I think this question deserves to be escalated to the highest level. What are the chinesium turnbuckles that tenuously hold this rusty, fraying cable to the next cable? What holds up the saggy clothesline that is NCD? What keeps us from becoming just another 4chan, living off the dusty HWNDU laurels of former days? Where was Gondor when the Westfold fell?

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