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Duluth cargo pants that I got in my first year of highschool that have just kinda ended up being that way after avout a decade. I have been five foot fucken five since I was 14.

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The same way my ilk once dealt with organized scabs, torture out of the first few and them shootup thei meating place.

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Ya guys dont just wear cargo pants? Like I know im an autistic Redneck but like why wear anything tighter if youre a guy? I dont like CBT why would I like to induce that with my pants.

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My pants should be loose up top for my cock and balls while being more well fitted past the knee so they dont catch on stuff. Fuck all ya im right.

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I was referring to US culture. The most exposure to Deutsche culture is through part of my family culture and that ancestor left back when the HRE was still in living memory and not even old living memory.

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Also one of our best known sub-cultures is one in which the concept of health and safety are slurs when used outside of work. I should know I am a relatively cautious Redneck, that just means I actually keep the medkit nearby for if shit goes worng.

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This isnt small talk, this is a survival mechanism to figure if the person will enact violence on you or not. Optimally you want the response to be empty words, grunting, or being told to fuck off.

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Go back to guarding Princess Fiona.

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Really do need to play that, played the Terminator game awhile back and it was solid. But yeah I really hope outer worlds 2 is more akin to Fallout 2 in improvements rather than Red faction Armageddon. But ill just have ro wait.

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Bit too Rick and Morty esque for me. I was hoping more Robo cop style anti corporatism.

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Well its Arkensas its pretty watered down educationally. I should know I got kin in little rock and my ancestors came from there.

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Id say that is exactly why they hate art. Art is inherently an extension of oneself, everything from a beserk warrior creating poetry as they fight to a master craftsman working for a week straight on a statue are expressions of art. Hell even things not generally considered art could still be classified as being from the same expression, like a person restoring and touching up an old axe.

Fascistshate personhood, they wish to strip away all that is unique if not in a literal sense then by a cultural sense. They hat the broad capacity of mankind thusly they hate art. Reminder Hitler threw a bitch fit when German archeologistswere digging up actual ancient Germanic and pre Germanic villages because it broke his narrative.

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