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We all get those hit and misses.

Be it content, timing, what-have-you: we roll with the punches. Or just shotgun approach and hope for the best.

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Gotcha covered.

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Remember the "Cable Wars" of yore (the 90's)? Guess who's back... back again?

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Fithed that for ya.

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Damn straight. Keep it simple and, why the hell not, boost the author while you're at it.

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Edge of Tomorrow was only viewed a modest box office hit, which has partly complicated sequel plans.

It certainly wasn't their confusing-ass marketing that resulted in most people thinking of the title as "Live. Die. Repeat," though I can't understand why:

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I mean, he "is" Darth Jar Jar.

Also, whoever made this gif should go to the "special" hell for reminding me of Large Marge.

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The Intendant knew how to make an entrance.


Ransom is more like The Todd, but I think this fits in this instance.

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Didn't realize she was into that.


Bonus nihilist, er, Vorta Iggy Pop:


Following on NegativeNull's post


"Susan" reference per request of [email protected]


s6e6 "Sacrifice of Angels"

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You thought maybe I wouldn't notice?

Hey, Trekkies and Lemmies alike: Please give one of our fearless leaders, favorite posters, and proud father of a newborn a little love and appreciation for their tireless effort!

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Took some liberties with the last part, which normally reads "I should be allowed to kill them." But since it's Dr. T'Ana, more was needed.


Apparently, it's been a year since the "Great Migration" and my intrepid decision to give the Lemmy fediverse a go. Since dabbing my toes into what has since become a creative outlet and hobby for me, I've found a fair few friends and like-minded enthusiasts for our favored franchise. Thank you all for still putting up with and encouraging my silly nonsense! May we all carry on until we greet the Koala (or get crammed into the pattern buffer), having OD'd on Ketracel-white next to Rom and an over-caffeinated Janeway!

Eulogy comprised of a rousing "Faith of the Heart" rendition by Kevin Riley.

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