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It's every evening for me, so I know the feeling.

[-] [email protected] 1 points 17 hours ago

About to put on a listening meditation.

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One more reason to vote them out of office now that the gerrymandered maps are gone!

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Yes, actually. This specific bacteria thrives at 95f when cultured in labs.

It's a bacteria that is able to live inside humans, after all.

Microbes also evolve faster than humans. Meaning they'll adapt to higher temperatures faster than our body temperature will. Making humans more susceptible to bacteria like this one, as climate change continues.

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Self care, whatever that looks like for you.

It could be treating yourself to a new outfit, spending quality time with a good friend, or more traditional ideas of self care, like healthy meals, exercise, and meditation.

Looking through the stages of grief can be helpful too. Give yourself permission to mourn. And permission to pendulate and use healthy distractions if the feelings get intense.

These are the strategies that work best for me. I also have less healthy coping mechanisms and if that's your goto, harm reduction can be helpful (weed is less destructive than alcohol for me, for example).

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Deport they neighbors

[-] [email protected] 2 points 2 days ago

InnerTune in the same vein as Antenna pod

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I imagine some people already are.

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But they may thrive more at higher global temperatures.

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You don't know they're diagnosis. So you have no idea if they need medication or not.

Help yes. But, not all mental health disorders have a root cause that can be treated with medication. For instance, depression is comorbid in PTSD and CPTSD, which we don't really have medication that helps great with aside from adrenaline blockers to help you sleep if you get nightmares .

My point is, telling people they need medication when you're not a psychiatrist, and even if you are psychiatrist, you've never talked to them or diagnosed them, is not helpful.

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Thanks! It felt really good wearing it around the house last night.

There's a trans safe dance space my friends and partner host. I'm going to wear it there tomorrow.

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It's interesting.

When I took the name I use as my handle here, I was doing emotional work before COVID and said, I'm tree frog because frogs love water and I bring the rain. (I did a lot of mourning that weekend).

Over COVID, the shell started to crack for me and I became aware of a distinct and persistent female personality hiding behind my dead name. She had already chosen a name. The more I explore being trans the more I realize, she was me all along. And the boy a mask.

My name is Rayne. It means queen. My dead name means sovereign. My handle is also a metaphor for my dharma name, skillful transformation of the heart. Frogs being shapeshifters.

I guess I use intuition to choose my names. And by coincidence, they ended up with the same meaning as both my given names.

Some people believe in numerology. I believe in name magic :)

And I'm still exploring what all of this means. Bought my first dress today. Scary and liberating.

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