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I was in university then and we actually used Yahoo mostly to learn about how to search (back then with boolean operators and other things). I don't recall covering google. I think maybe we had Alta-Vista as well? Of course, Archie, Veronica, etc. were still taught as well.

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I think it's great (I live in Japan), but I do worry about operations and maintenance after. Allegedly, overtime and burnout are ridiculous at some Japanese train companies and the rules are super, super strict; I don't think that would fly in other countries. The maintenance and staff are what keep things safe and efficient here. I have a feeling costs would be more in other countries both for paying overtime and more workers as well as keeping talent that actually care and are diligent.

Edit: to be clear, I don't think overtime and such to that level should be required; people should have a good work-life balance and wages.

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I would be pissed. Depending upon what and where it was, it could potentially have things I don't want in my soil. In theory, I imagine it could cause a decertification in some organic programs that could last for years (I'm not sure how things work in Canada on that one).

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if less than 5% of users still regularly cast from a desktop browser.

Wait, I could do that?! It doesn't matter a ton at the moment, but I might want to do that in future. I'll have to look into it.

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Does your idea only work in the US? Can you move to a country that's, y'know, more sane with healthcare (and I say this as a former US healthcare IT worker now living in another country).

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That's neat, but continent-scale is wayyyy too big IMO (especially given the continents as divided here aren't especially close in size in some cases). I'd love to see this broken down by country.

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No idea, sadly. Good luck!

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The A500 had much better sounds and graphics in general and it took PC a while to catch up (though it obliterated Commodore once it did). As PC gained popularity, I had a lot of games on both platforms and still preferred the A500 versions. RIP that poor computer.

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That makes sense. Thanks!

[-] [email protected] 3 points 1 day ago

Thank you for explaining!

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I would also add it could be something more like investigating/searching and not necessarily blaming.

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People have playlists and multiple ones at that 0.o What are the usecases of playlists? I guess maybe I could see working out, but wouldn't the same songs in the same order over and over lose their punch?

Edit: could you please explain instead of just downvoting? I'm genuinely unsure here.

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