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Can someone OOTL this for me? What's going on in Texas?

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I mean do you think Fortnite has anywhere near the same level of ability to disseminate information or surveil people as TikTok does?

And actually it makes a material difference that ByteDance is based in Beijing, as opposed to just having Chinese investors. Those social platforms, movie studios, etc., being headquartered in the US is exactly what makes it different. Can Chinese firms apply financial pressure to compel them to act against the interests of US citizens? Yes, of course, and they do.

But that's categorically different than being legally obligated to comply with the CCP, which ByteDance is.

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TikTok is a massively powerful tool of influence and intelligence, in the hands of an adversary that is well understood to proactively meddle with democratic elections.

Yes, obviously the CCP will unabashedly pursue other interference vectors. That should be viewed as more reason to curtail TikTok, not less.

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I think that's the thing where if you pre-order the Collector's Edition or whatever, you get the game 3 days earlier than everybody else, but I could be wrong. If that's the case though... It seems like yeah why wouldn't it count toward your refund window?

It's hard to imagine the game changing much in that window... But maybe it matters for zero-day patches or something.

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Looks really nice! You've got a good balance between loose but clean. Don't be afraid to tilt those box tops away from the viewer-- Play around with pushing the perspective harder to help the boxes look more settled and natural. IMO they look a little floaty.

If that's a skill that you haven't practiced, try looking up some videos/guides for drawing in perspective, and just practice setting a horizon line and orienting boxes to it. You'll feel your scenes become more grounded and cohesive.

Great job though, it's overall pleasing to look at and a cool style.

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Ah, they must have interpreted it as "no stupid questions allowed," instead of "there are no stupid questions."

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This seems fine? Is there an anticonsumer angle or something that I failed to notice?

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Thanks just checking.

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Wac me up


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Big yike 😬 Anyone find a decent way around THAT yet? How do they even know that you're on a VPN? Is it like... they maintain a list of known VPN exit node IPs?

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Does old.reddit.com still work to get around it?

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FWIW, WeChat and 微信 are different apps. With a non-Chinese phone number and Google Play Store download, you'll be using the international one (WeChat) instead of the Chinese one (微信). There are still privacy concerns, but it'll be less invasive than what you'd have with the version that people in China are buying their groceries with and stuff.

I'm sorry I don't have advice for how to actually protect yourself, though... I'll be keeping an eye on this thread to see what I can learn.

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I'm planning to open a new chequing account in the near future, and I'm contemplating bailing on RBC. I've been with them for a very long time, and one possible outcome is that I'll just open a new RBC account and be done with it. That'd be... fine.

But for a variety of reasons (including my satisfaction with RBC trending steadily downward), I'm thinking about opening this new account elsewhere. I don't have a ton of hard requirements, and I'm not really sure what to look for in a bank, but the following would be nice:

  • Good online banking experience, particularly desktop (RBC is shockingly bad at this)
  • Good credit card; easy to make payments from the new account
  • Minimal fees
  • Easy e-transfers
  • Real security (another thing RBC is terrible at)
  • Neat rewards would be cool
  • Low-fee, low-friction investing would also be cool-- I don't really do much investing, but I'd like to be able to

Any suggestions would be great, including anti-suggestions if you happen to know of a bank that I should avoid.

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Sure Todd, lol

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For reference (as per Wikipedia):

Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure.

— Melvin E. Conway

Imagine interpreting that as advice on how you should try to design things, lol.

Tbf, I think most of the post is just typical LinkedIn fluff, but I didn't want to take the poor fellow out of context.

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