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The reason I recommend it is because you can't rely on the CLI itself. Git commands can do weirdly counter-intuitive things depending on the version and settings of your git install. A command that works for one person may not work for another. Or worse, appear to work and fail silently. Or even worse, cause a problem that you won't find out about until later (if you can even determine the root cause at all).

That's why I recommended Fork.

Also, it's not $60, it essentially has an unlimited evaluation period (a la sublime text) so you can try it out for free for as long as you want, and pay if you want too (I have).

The linux port is in progress.

EDIT: just a sidenote, if you really want to force youself to go CLI only, you'll want to look into how git behaves differently depending on config. I recommend starting with this talk at NDC to get a good enough git config, then move onto Julia Evans blog as she's currently going on a public journey of untangling how the same commands can do different things in modern git.

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You'd probably be better off switching to a more powerful git gui like fork

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Shouldn't you have an adblocker to block those scripts?

I made a thing (
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Single HTML element + CSS only

  1. Inhale for 4 seconds
  2. Hold for 4 seconds
  3. Exhale for 4 seconds
  4. Hold for 4 seconds

And repeat

Inspired by:

Note: The current Safari version has a bugged linear() implementation that has been fixed in the upcoming version.

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Are you using the group policy editor?

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Why would I leave windows if Linux isn’t offering anything better?

Because Linux offers an ad-free experience, whereas Windows offers a free ads experience.

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No mouse and like games like MaM/Civ?

Recommendation for slower paced, top down strategy game:

  • GBA emulator and the game Advance Wars 2

Recommendation for hard and fast paced game (audio required):

  • Crypt of the Necrodancer

Recommendation for story based game:

  • Undertale (avoid spoilers, this game will mess with you, only goes for 4 hours per playthrough but you will replay it for the different endings)
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I'm not seeing anything in the data collected that I wouldn't want to be sent if the app crashed.

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You were literally responded by suggesting they use their laptop's HID, then suggested a wired mouse which they said they didn't have, then suggested using the console which the install process doesn't advertise as a possibility to the user.

Poor UX is a bug, it needs to be updated.

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That's an obviously poor take. If only laptop users could get past the screen then it's still broken.

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What stopped the install process working without a mouse?

Surely they'd have a keyboard navigation method.

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This was 4 days ago, I didn't have to look very far:

Firing talent is a great way to bork a project.

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As an outsider looking in, it looks like it's a bit of a wipe the slate clean governance and moderation wise as voted on by the community.

So, now over the coming days the community will in essence vote on whether they will allow sponsorships from the military industrial complex.

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Typescript 5.2 Released (
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Typescript 5.2 beta announcement (
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Shows a great example of JS' new using keyword (similar to defer in D, Go, Swift, etc...)

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Comments should provide context, not repeat what the code already says. The Redis codebase has 9 distinct types of comments (Function, Design, Why, Teacher, Checklist, Guide, Trivial, Debt, Backup), each with a specific goal in mind.

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Answer: create a new object with the properties of the two original objects using the spread operator.

The order you insert the objects into the new merged object determines which object's properties take priority over the other.

Linked example:

const obj1 = { foo: "bar", x: 42 };
const obj2 = { foo: "baz", y: 13 };

const clonedObj = { ...obj1 };
// { foo: "bar", x: 42 }

const mergedObj = { ...obj1, ...obj2 };
// { foo: "baz", x: 42, y: 13 }

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