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All my friends fucking love slanted spiral channels with periodic contraction-expansion arrays.

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The ease of access and availability of unprocessed foods, or food products without high amounts of corn syrup, sugars and other additives, is much higher in most of the world outside of the US. I can never stay in the US for more than a couple of weeks without gaining weight. Then again, it doesn't help that US food is fantastically tasty, either ♥️

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Good art is truly timeless

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Are there anyone that takes HRW seriously, especially when decrying non western states? This article in Monthly Review describing HRWs support for the right wing coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia, also brings up its less than flattering history of supporting Western human rights violations.

Human Rights Watch’s deep ties to U.S. corporate and state sectors should disqualify the institution from any public pretense of independence.
  • Bernie Sanders’ Communications Director Keane Bhat
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Indeed. Seems like EU is dead set on joining the US economic war on China.

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That's a beauty, and I did not even know I was into pens.

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Nice, but would have loved it if they kept in the facial recognition ban.

Activists have also said negotiations watered down protections against biometric surveillance. "The new law will now effectively allow law enforcement the introduction of error-prone facial surveillance and facial recognition camera software in public spaces," said a press release from the Pirate Party MEPs.

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