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I'm well aware, I just meant that it costs a lot more than other phones of similar quality. Not saying there aren't good reasons for that.

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I don't think I need more power. The charging and headphone ports don't work (so need to use wireless charging) and battery life is quite poor. I don't feel like the phone is too slow or anything so I imagine the FP5 would be plenty of power.

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Anyone know how well the Fairphone 5 compares against the Samsung Galaxy S10? I know the specs are pretty public but I don't follow this stuff that closely so find it difficult to draw comparisons between different chips etc.

My S10 is on its last legs so I think a bit about what I will buy to replace it. I really like the idea of the Fairphone but of course you pay a lot (relatively speaking) for the ethics. One of the worries is that the phone will become unusable in a few years anyway, either because parts are unavailable or because software has become too heavy. The other option I am leaving towards is a second hand Pixel.

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I use a lot of free and open source software, and some of the stuff I use a lot I support with donations. Python, Mozilla, FairEmail are examples of software I have donated to. Wikipedia also.

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Honestly... I can understand being disappointed with the decision to remove it. But it blows my mind just how worked up people get over it.

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This is the publicly owned and funded NHS, not a business.

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Coffee, particularly espresso.

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I tend to use floating or fullscreen for general browsing but often you have to type something while frequently referring back to something else - for example when programming I will be looking at the documentation. Or maybe debugging something on the command line while looking at your code to see what's going on. In those circumstances tilling is perfect.

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As in, things are being delayed? By how long (ie, when were these features supposed to be released)?

Q4 2023 isn't far away (how the hell) so it will be interesting to see if they actually release by then. Have been happily using FairEmail for a long time but might check out Thunderbird when it is released.

This page mentions syncing support in TB 114 for desktop but I don't think it's there as of 115?

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It's possible there's a regional or generational gap there. If you're pushing 110 you probably haven't worked in 40 years. You could even argue that the ones literally working themselves to death are the very ones paying for the older generation's happy carefree lifestyle.

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Proton and Tutanota are the most privacy-focused ones, offering zero-access encryption. The flipside is that they are a bit more expensive and less easy to use with third party email clients.

There are a number of alternatives like, Posteo and Fastmail which are cheaper, and less private than the above two but arguably still better for privacy than Gmail (in that their whole business model isn't built off capturing and monetising your data).

Personally I use and have no complaints. I use it with third party clients like Thunderbird for desktop and FairEmail for Android so can't speak to how good their web UI is.

I also strongly recommend getting your own domain name to use with your email. It means if you ever want to switch providers in future you won't need to change your email address.

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They have since announced that it will be capped at 0.1% of a bank's assets:


I would like to have a screen in my home displaying a summary of different information that is relevant to me, like weather forecast, bus/train times, news headlines, etc. I was planning to use a Raspberry Pi and either buy a screen to display the information or just show it on my TV. It could probably be as simple as serving a page with HTML and JavaScript and then displaying it in a full screen web browser.

I feel like this is probably something that a lot of people want so I am wondering if there is something out there already that can easily be extended with custom "widgets". Nextcloud actually has a dashboard that's a bit like this but ideally I'd like something that is standalone and easier to extend with my own widgets.

Anyone have any recommendations?

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