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This is a difficult problem to solve.

Starving the entire population, half of which are children, is an inhumane solution. If it is too effective, it becomes the final solution.

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Congrats on giving Republicans one extra vote.

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They impeached him over being a Democrat. That is all.

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Go fuck yourself.

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Micropayments would scale at a ridiculous rate like microtransactions in games have, so your $20 example would be at least $200 in reality by now.

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"Stop having fun!"


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I will be registering elsewhere to see if the experience is any better. I really like the overall direction and design of kbin, but things have been dragging on updates and improvements.

For example, my settings are identical as far as I can tell between desktop and mobile, but my mobile feed is generally hitting day old on the first page while desktop has several pages of more recent content. I walked through the settings side by side and they appear identical.

But I haven't reported it or searched to see if someone else has because of the absence making the effort to document and report less urgent.

I'll keep my account of course and keep an eye out if it picks back up because do like the browser based interface and the combo of lemmy and mastodon in a single feed.

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You have the same income image for both links.

The median cost for a one bedroom apartment in the US is NOT $5,000 a month. First result on my search has $3190 for New York, but most of the listed cities are around $1,500 a month which is $18,000 a year.

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I get angry because of frustration about things beyond my control that impact me negatively and can't simply be ignored. Knowing that extra step is great and all, but doesn't reduce the frustration or the anger. I'm sure that identifying the difference is helpful to some people who can ignore or address the actual cause of their anger.

Note: I don't get angry about frustrating things that I can do something about, or can be ignored.

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Am on the tail end of Gen X and when I started working even low pay allowed me to afford a place to live, food to eat, and doing fun things occasionally. While work sucked, it at least paid the bills and allowed the freedom to live. Plus there were still some companies that offered actual long term perks, tried and keep people with experience around, and promoted from within.

Gen Z still gets the low pay, but are treated as expendable, and can't afford anything and so it is understandable that they would hate working in comparison.

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He needs to be removed from office and I would bet there is something in place to do that already, but half measures are a step forward.

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