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a work appointed phone

With all the tracking that comes with it.

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One thing that could help is showing what is going wrong. Do just the icon does not appear? Do some error show up?

But regardless, I see that Librewolf is not packaged in Debian official software repositories (online storage a software packages are downloaded from), so they ask you to add their own repository manually, which for APT case (package manager in Linux Mint) is an overwhelming amount of code to type to say at least.

You say you are a new user, so I can highly recommend that if something is not officially available through simple apt install to try Flatpak. Official guide: https://flathub.org/setup/Debian, TLDR:

sudo apt install flatpak   # Installs flatpak to your system
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://dl.flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo   # Adds Flathub, the biggest store for flatpaks

Once it's there:

flatpak install librewolf

Someone using Linux for years might know where stuff on system is placed and not fear not knowing what a command do and how to undo it. But if you don't know what is happening, better to stick to distribution provided sources. Otherwise the equivalent would be like typing some commands in Windows to change registry keys :). I think Librewolf should recommend Flatpak by default instead.

Sorry if this is too much info, just tried to explain things a little more than usual.

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When JavaScript developer starts writing a Linux script.

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By making us able to actually buy them, right? Right? 🫠

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But Windows also have swap memory?

Maybe I do not understand shitposting...

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It seems like they are subvolumes. How did you install the system?

When mounting a btrfs without any options root/main directory is containg subvolumes. Meaning that when creating a directory it is being created as subvolume, then in that subvolume there are regular files.

What does the btrfs subvolume list / say?

Also as side note, there is nothing wrong with updating on GUI.

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  • Minecraft
  • Factorio
  • Danganronpa
  • Danganronpa UDG
  • Danganronpa 2
  • Danganronpa V3
  • Pokemon: FireRed
  • SuperTuxKart (because best FOSS game ❤️)
  • Pick any two classics from Valve
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It's just more complicated than 0, no privacy or 1 full privacy.

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Another phone with all things build for Android with hacked and slapped Linux layer on top.

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Once I have learned Arch, installing and maintaining it is super easy and fast. Troubleshooting a problem if it occurs is also easier because you know more how the system works internally.

But there is another problem I see when using it daily for many different things. I install Arch and week later when sending emoji find out there is no emoji font and I need to install one. Then month later needing to quickly use Bluetooth I realize I forgot to install bluez and some of it's frontend. Then about to print something and now I need to learn how to install CUPS print server. All those things takes few minutes and have the best documentation in the Linux world, but after fresh install I get annoyed for first month or two for stuff that come preinstalled on other distros.

But... That's also why I use Arch. I could run some post-install script from someone or use Endevour, but setting stuff how I want is the beauty of Arch.

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Doing things the right and good way takes time.

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I want to migrate my friends to self-hosted Matrix server I have for some time now. The problem is, that all Android clients seem missing for me. Element is too buggy (especially for encryption) and has bad UX. Element X is still experimental and lacks core features. FluffyChat has most features and nice ones like stickers, but calls or location sharing is here as a placeholder but not really working.

If you migrated someone to Matrix, what client did you found out to "be working" for people not caring about protocol? Because I care for protocol and can stand some bugs, that others could not.

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Problem: I want to remotely access my computer from untrusted computers like on friends house or at work.

Looking for: Remote desktop software (SSH is out of scope, as it could do commands in the background). Client should work in the browser or have portable binaries. Server should send some soft of 2FA before every connection without a way to remember it, so I could be safe in a case of a keylogger snooping on connection password. Not nessesary, but would be nice to have some sort of rate limiting for the inputs, so it won't be possible for some rubber-ducky style script to open terminal and run command before I could react.

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I think I get the idea of Fedora Atomic (Silverblue, Kionite, etc.), but I do not get what uBlue is about.

Are those just another "ooh it's distro X but with preinstalled Y" or are those some soft of overlays on top of Fedora? Can't they just be some install scripts? Why not just base Fedora Silverblue? Maybe I don't get the idea, because people seem hyped.

Security (discuss.tchncs.de)
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Let's say we don't care about the backend<>frontend interconnection we see in most JS frameworks. We just want to program the backend. What would be the language of your choice?

mv Windows Linux (discuss.tchncs.de)
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When I install some Linux app from, let's say GitHub, I can feel how long without updates means the project is not maintained.
For example last commit being 5 years ago for GTK app is a long time and this is considered an abandoned repo. For super simple things like cowsay it's not that simple but still I can feel it.

How is that with crates with Rust? I see a lot of parsers or web libraries that are not updated for a year, two years, three years... How old is too old?
Also, many of them have a version 0.x.x, so can I even consider them stable?

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